• GFXLab - "Minecraft Rap Song" (Music Video)

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    GFXLab - "Minecraft Rap Song"

    Free Download - http://www.zshare.net/audio......

    Beat Produced by TobiasP

    Lyrics -

    it's time to spawn back into my world today
    it's a wide open world with plenty of space
    I'm all alone ,I can mine and build a home
    listen to some music and get into the zone

    everything stays so calm and relaxed
    sticks and stones I need to build me an axe
    chop down a tree and plant a couple more
    build me a chest and a nice wooden floor

    The grass is so green and the skies so blue
    creepers so mean, get close, you're screwed
    ghost riding pigs, gold watch on my wrist
    see a nice lake, I will catch me some fish

    life is so simple as a pixelated man
    all I do is mine, I don't even need a plan
    inside this big world I can be anyone
    minecraft dot com, upload, have fun

    I can even build me a 5 story mansion
    punch a few cows as I run right past them
    everythings great, until night time falls
    pull out my sword killing zombies and all

    build me a portal, netherworld antics
    try to sleep there, your death will be tragic
    the game is on peaceful, life is so great
    no more bad guys, I can stay up late

    I always need coal and I never have string
    I need redstone, what the hell is that thing?
    Who uses lapiz to die their stuff blue?
    I love every time Notch adds something new

    I love every block, I got stacks on stacks
    I can build my own world and escape to it fast
    I love Minecraft because it let's me be me
    this is basically paradise inside my PC

    Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/GFXLAB
    Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/GFXLab
    Google+ - https://plus.google.com/110......

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