• Hacking Mr Robot Walkthrough CTF Part 1

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    Hello I'm back
    WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only! BE AWARE Of This!
    I'm not responsible how you use this method by you or to you!
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    Today I wanna show you Mr. Robot CTF If you dont know about CTF ??

    Read article : https://ghostbin.com/paste/...

    I will play with you

    Tool :

    Vmware workstation or virtaulbox

    Mr.Robot CTF ( https://www.vulnhub.com/ent...... )

    This VM has three keys hidden in different locations. Your goal is to find all three. Each key is progressively difficult to find.

    The VM isn't too difficult. There isn't any advanced exploitation or reverse engineering. The level is considered beginner-intermediate.

    Linux OS ex : Kali linux os , Parrot OS , Backbox that OS for Pentest Web CTF

    Install Mr Robot VM

    Create a Mr Robot to run like another operating system

    Wait :)

    I want put that Mr robot VM 1GB 4 ram

    If you want login mr robot vm need Pentest that

    just follow my step

    My english is not good

    now We need to know IP host target CTF

    If you dont know about that CTF

    I need you use netdiscover to scan all of the IP in network

    command : netdiscover

    if you dont know that tool you can search on google :) but that ok

    that tool work scan all IP user in network

    That's mr robot vm

    so we found that one but I will use zenmap gui (Nmap) to make you easy understand

    Please watch this video becareful because that's CTF

    use uniscan to scan directory and vulnerability

    That all

    We found that site use wpscan

    So please if you try hack real site dont use uniscan that just a script not good

    if you want target use like tool nikto or vega scanner etc... I dont meaning uiscan not good but that good for fast scan vulnerability little site

    I will use wpscan for scan vulnerability website wordpress that tool is awesome

    wpscan --url --

    -Enumerate installed plugins ...
    ruby ./wpscan.rb --url www.example.com --enumerate p I want scan vulnerability plugin wordpress
    -Enumerate installed themes ...
    wpscan --url --enumerate t

    I need grab all information target

    sorry I'm forget save that information scan with plugin vulnerability

    wpscan --url --enumerate u

    I need pentest site mr robot wordpress with bruteforce

    use nikto to find another directory ;) sorry for I'm not explain better enough but

    I hope you check nikto and wpscan tutorial in my channel to get more explain

    Now We got information with robots.txt


    We got 2 thing one dictionary attack for bruteforce with wpscan

    two that hash we need to know that hash follow me to know that then decrypt it try another one bruteforce attack with wpscan wpscan --url --wordlist /root/Desktop/fsocity.dic --username --threads 50

    Try use sparta bruteforce Scanning ^)^ wait

    So That bomb welll done with bruteforce wpscan that awesome to bruteforce !!

    Dont try use another bruteforce because wpscan alway try upgrade that tool

    Next video I wanna show you about How I bypass enumerate WP User Mr Elliot

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