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  • Riding with Side Quest Publications: An Introduction

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    An attempt at introducing my new channel and some of my plans for the future.

    I hadn't planned on making, let alone uploading, a new intro video (due to things like the change in name and desired content) until I got my hands on a new motorcycle. Whenever that might be.
    Instead, I have made the executive decision to edit the old one. Namely, to excise OUT the fandom clips for copyright reasons. Unfortunately this means that my comment in there somewhere about "the clips at the beginning" no longer has a point of reference--YouTube doesn't have a means to trim bits out of the MIDDLE of a video as yet.

    Annoying, that.

    I know, I know, the clips ARE copyrighted, to no fewer than four different copyright holders at that--and that without counting myself.
    And I know Fair Use doesn't really work that way--even if I could argue on the grounds of the length of the clips, I can't argue in terms of how they're used. (Maybe if/when I get around to trying reviews of specific scenes, but not for the intro video itself.)

    But I LIKED the way I had them set up, dagnabit!
    Especially going straight from "did you even hear the words anti-grav?" (Doctor Who: Bells of St. John's) to "I want one of these, as soon as this is over!" (Sleepy Hollow: Akeda).

    No copyright strike, this.
    I'm not in trouble, as far as I can tell.
    No, this was simply a choice between cutting them out or letting any and all ad revenue (placed on the video without my say-so) from the video I put a lot of effort into go entirely to whichever one single of those copyright holders made the first claim and to none of the others simply because my 3-minute-and-change video includes shy of thirty seconds of their stuff.
    Sorry, BBC. But like I said, even without including myself, there are no fewer than four copyright holders who could rightly lay claim to this video. If YouTube doesn't allow revenue sharing among all of us, then why should it be available to any ONE of us? But since I can't block you from earning money on clips that belong to three companies that are not you (plus my own content) then I'm simply removing the clips so these other companies have no content to claim.


    I'll start working on my various riding videos in between shifts at work, I think. But this ought to be good to start.

    Re: celebrity sightings. One of my goals, as a fan of Doctor Who and Arrow alike is to find as many of the actors as I can who actually ride and collect autographed photos of them with their respective motorcycles
    Again, dare to dream, right? ;)
    Meanwhile, here's a few vids to geek out to: https://www.youtube.com/wat...... and http://www.youtube.com/watc......

    If you'd like to see what else I'm up to, then please subscribe to this or my main channel, or check out my website to see where else I lurk.
    Main channel: youtube.com/user/SideQuestPublication
    Main website: sidequestpublications.wordpress.com
    Other travel pics and articles can also be found on another of my sites, Tamie's Travels: http://tamiestravels.wordpr... Show less
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