• A Humbling Journey: Theist to Atheist [Abandoning Religion, Faith & God] (HD FULL Movie)

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    The religious and the "faithful" will undoubtedly find this video confronting and quite possibly liberating at the same time. I believe this film is both awe inspiring and enlightening. The intent of the video is simply to offer another and in my opinion a much more reasonable perspective then that offered by the religious institutions of the world and that of apologists like Ray Comfort. An exhilarating and thought provoking viewing experience regardless of your background or beliefs. The video is entertaining, emotional and challenging. Along with a stirring blend of words and images to inspire and demonstrate a deeper understanding of the human experience as it truly is.

    Leave your pre-conceived ideas and biases at the door prior to watching and take down your shields. This video is not a personal attack on anybody. It's merely a culmination of much careful research and consideration. I call this video, A "Humbling Journey: An Awakening".

    Chapter 2 Starts @ 01:07:12 (hh/mm/ss)
    Chapter 3 Starts @ 02:02:34 (hh/mm/ss)

    I would like to thank Carl Sagan, Michael Shermer, Seth Andrews, Richard Dawkins (God Delusion), Brian Dunning, Christopher Hitchens (God is Not Great), Sam Harris (End of Faith), The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, Steve Novella, Jay Novella, Bob Novella, Bill Maher, Evan Bernstein, Rebecca Watson, Matt Dillahunty, Michael Maletin, Dan Barker, DarkMatter2525, PrplFox, Evid3nce, dogmaticCURE for enlightenment, education and inspiration to search for answers even when it seemed like there would be none, other than "God did it". Check out their work on YouTube, search their name and subscribe to their channels. This video is largely a compilation of some of their best work. Collectively, this video represents their ideas and is no way intended for commercial purposes.

    0:05 - 0:59 - Sublime Renewal - FirstCom - Matthew Slater, Steve Fawcett (EVO)

    3:25 - 4:48 The Fallen-UPPM - FirstCom - Frederick Kron, Joanna Balloonknot

    33:18 - 38:55 - Audiovisual content from Religulous - BlueSkyFilm, Billion Dollar Boy (Lionsgate)

    1:20:37 - 1:21:35 - Hidden Desires - FirstCom - Veigar Margeirsson (Universal Trailer Series)

    1:22:09 - 1:23:38 - Redemption And Grace - FirstCom - Kavin Hoo (EVO)

    1:24:51 - 1:26:27 - Renewable - FirstCom - Steve Fawcett (Access Music)

    1:45:46 - 1:46:49 - Blue Paper - Moby - [Merlin] PIAS, INgrooves (Little Idiot)

    1:54:33 - 1:55:15 - Blood And Glory No Choir - (Audio Machine)

    1:56:44 - 1:57:50 - Blood And Glory No Drums (Audio Machine)

    1:57:53 - 1:58:41 - Blood and Glory - Paul Dinletir (Audiomachine)

    2:14:53 - 2:15:51 - Hope (Xavier's Theme) - John Ottman (Sony Classical)

    2:22:21 - 2:23:18 - Requiem for a drum - Doctor Flake - Believe Music (New deal)

    2:24:14 - 2:25:23 - Introduction (feat. Starcrimes, A-Million) - Prince Negaa Fellaga (Eurostreetz)

    2:34:43 - 2:35:16- Morning Sun - FirstCom - Barnaby Taylor, Ben Salisbury (BBC Production Music)

    2:44:23 - 2:44:54 - Conquest Of Paradise - Vangelis (Warner Strategic Marketing UK)

    2:50:11 - 2:51:08 - Unbelievable - EMF (100 Hits)

    BONUS FOOTAGE: How can atheists celebrate Christmas (xmas) - 02:51:09

    All source material found on this channel is to the best of my knowledge in compliant with THE UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT ACT OF 1976, TITLE 17, U.S. CODE SECTION 107.

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