• What Is A Commis Chef? A Job Description And Definition of Commis Chef

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    What is a commis chef? https://becomingachef.co.uk...... A description of a commis chefs job .

    What Is A Commis Chef
    A commis chef is the first step in any kitchen brigade to becoming a Head Chef! All chefs start at this position even the high profile chefs out there with multiple award winning restaurants. All of these guys were once a commis chef. As a commis chef there will be a lot of learning to be done having just finished catering college or moved on from another career completely. Commis chefs can be of any age with many people nowadays getting into a professional kitchen after a long career in another field.
    Commis Chef Job Description
    The commis chef will be doing the ‘Dirty Work’! This can include peeling potatoes, washing and picking large quantities of spinach, generally all the jobs that take up a lot of time and require less skills that other jobs. A commis chef will be working under a chef de partie, helping to run a section within the kitchen. A commis chef will be gaining a lot of grounding skills and can be in the position for around three years before being considered for a promotion.



    Commis Chef Basics
    Some basics in the position to pay attention to! If as a commis chef you did not attend catering college it can be a steep learning curve. There maybe areas that you overlook including: make sure you are dressed correctly. Many commis chefs can look very untidy with aprons hanging out, trousers falling down or one of those guys who has way too many kitchen clothes hanging around their aprons. If wearing hats, make sure they look smart and are fitted correctly. Shave everyday, shaving maybe a standard set by the company or not. However, shaving everyday gives a much better professional look for any chef.
    Commis Training
    Commis chefs will be learning on the job everyday. It can be overwhelming to start with and one key issue a commis chef will need to deal with is, in many cases it will seem like you are being told different ways to do the same job by different chefs. In some places there will be a standard that everybody must follow including recipes at exacting measurements. Follow the guides to start with, listen to all the opinions of the senior chefs and develop your own style. One thing that comes up for many commis chefs is this, they are taught one way to do a job and do this job like this, another more experienced chef will show them another way and this happens “ but the other chef told me this, its not my fault I did it wrong bla bla bla” and then become very defensive. This looks really bad, the biggest lesson here is to listen to everyone and if told you are making a mistake learn from it and don’t blame someone else, take it onboard and keep pushing forward.
    Commis Chef Salary
    The commis chef salary is the lowest salary in the kitchen brigade. This is due to the skill level and the experience of the chef. Show less
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