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    Halifax Psychologists at Cornerstone Psychological Services provide Therapy and Counselling services for children (8+), teens, adults, couples, and families. We offer treatment for Anxiety and Phobias, Depression, PTSD, Relationship Issues, and more.

    We provide psychological services that are logical, informed, and accountable. With professionalism and sensitivity, our clinicians use a science-based model of practice to find the quickest way to resolve core issues. Our goal is to provide our clients with experiences that promote real and lasting change.

    Confidentiality is important to us and we work to provide a safe environment for our clients to discuss their life challenges. Our psychologists are personable and compassionate, though always accountable, and will help you find the change you are looking for.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Does going to therapy mean that I am crazy?

    Absolutely not. Think about it this way — would you drive your car for years on end without an oil-change or letting funny noises go unchecked? Life is challenging, and most people at some point in their lives can benefit from therapy. Take care of your mental health by talking to a professional when you need it.

    Q: Shouldn’t I be able to deal with problems on my own?

    It is unfortunate that some people still view seeking help as a sign of ’weakness.’ It is our view that those engaging in therapy show strength by challenging themselves to grow and facing their issues head-on.

    Most of us like to think that we are rational and logical creatures - but humans just do not work that way. There are many ways that we can get ’stuck’ in our lives, some ways may be plainly obvious, while others may be just outside of our awareness. This is why it can be helpful to have a 3rd party involved who can help you put the pieces together, to get ‘un-stuck,’ and to create the meaningful change you are looking for.

    Q: Can I afford therapy?

    Is your mental health affecting your ability to enjoy life? Is it affecting the ones you love? If so, can you afford not to get help? If it is important enough, you will find a way to put it in your budget. While MSI does not cover psychological services, many 3rd party insurance plans will reimburse the services of a licensed psychologist. An average course of therapy will last 8-12 sessions, and while you will not receive anything tangible for your investment of money and time, the payoffs can be tremendous and life-changing.

    Please take a moment to subscribe to our channel, and contact our Halifax psychology practice for more information, or to book an appointment.

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