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    No man is an island..or is he?
    The setting is Taiwan's beautiful east coast, in an aboriginal village called Dulan. 'Archipelago' is a web-series with several major themes: art, music, and the ocean. The series focuses on certain individuals who draw inspiration from, or have a dependence on, the sea. Why do artists, musicians and watermen from such diverse backgrounds and nationalities, gravitate towards this specific place, the tiny village of Dulan on Taiwan's east coast?
    In the first episode, or 'track' (Track One - Alvaro Trugeda), Spanish artist Alvaro introduces himself and others as 'islands' in the 'archipelago', using poetry, art and music as his medium. Director Mark Jackson was inspired by the metaphor of individuals (islands) and community (the archipelago) with the ocean as link between. Says Mark: "All these characters, or islands as I like to put it, have some kind of relationship or dependence on the nature here, and particularly the ocean. Dulan in particular is a microcosm of a fascinating community of diverse individuals from all corners of the globe, co-existing. And that co-existence, although wonderful and inspirational at times, isn't always like that. Just like the sea, it can be stormy and inharmonious at times, but it's fascinating nonetheless and reflects so many themes in humanity as a whole." Follow up episodes will focus on a wide variety of individuals, from surfers to woodcarvers to musicians and fishermen. Includes original music written and composed entirely by local and foreign musicians with some connection to the project. Show less
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