• How to fix errors when sending files to your calculator. (with index) #2

    12,751 views 1 year ago
    This is an updated video of the most common issues I've seen when sending file to your calculator.
    Index: (Ctrl+F is your friend)
    * 0:17 -Connectivity errors:
    0:23 -Make sure your calculator is turned on
    0:31 - Make sure you have the right TI-Connect (and how to install the correct one)
    1:30 - Push the cable into the calculator harder
    1:47 - Try a different cable
    1:55 - Make sure only one connectivity software is installed. (And how to uninstall wrong software)
    2:31 - Reinstall TI-Connect CE
    * 2:46 - Failure to send errors:
    2:52 - Not for you error
    3:05 & 3:20 - Invalid error (see also 5:14)
    3:24 - How to extract files from a .zip folder
    4:05 -🚫 (file wont send with drag and drop)
    * 4:24 - Syntax error
    * 5:14 - Invalid error (see also 3:05 &3:20)
    * 5:27 - Memory errors:
    5:27 - When sending files to your calculator
    5:44 - How to send files to Archive memory instead of RAM (NOTE: unless you have OS 5.3 or above, you must put the program into the RAM to run. See 5:58 to see how to put the file back into RAM)
    5:58 - When running a program
    6:59 - Need Doors error (and where to get it, NOTE: Doors for the CE has not been released yet. Release date is likely to be in a few years. You can check the progress of Doors here: *DO NOT ASK FOR A PROGRESS UPDATE OR A RELEASE DATE* )
    * 7:52 - Bad Token error
    * 8:12 - Need Libload error
    * 8:59 - Library version error (outdated libraries and how to update them)
    * 9:50 - GraphC
    * 10:14 - ReadMe.txt ( *Please actually read it!* )
    * 10:32 - What to do if nothing in video helped and *how to report your issue*
    * 10:46 - Credits (Thanks to everyone who helped me make this updated video!)

    C Libraries: Emulator: CEmu- https://ce-programming.gith...

    Programs download:
    Cellar 3D preview-Patrick Davidson:

    Hold The Bridge-Harry Callaghan:
    Fabcat-Vulkan Animations:
    Brittle Rille-Kevin MacLeod: Show less
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