• Curse or Blessing? | Aubrey Marcus Car Wreck

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    When this happened to me I had a choice. How is Aubrey Marcus going to react? Do I use it as a catalyst for transformation? Do I turn it into an inspiration, into motivation to be something greater? Do I make it a blessing? Or do I listen to everyone who is saying ‘sorry’ and treating it like a curse. That’s an easy choice to make.



    Around noon on August 11th, inexplicably I fell asleep at the wheel of my car, and crashed into a guard rail. I woke up in the hospital. The following is a transcript of my story:

    The first thing I remember is being in the hospital gurney, and a nurse had my phone. And she asked me who I wanted to contact. And I didn’t know exactly what happened, but I could sense that I got in a pretty bad car wreck. And I knew my face was numb and bloody. And I gave her the code to unlock my phone, and I told her to call Whitney Miller, my fiancé. And I remember Whitney being on the phone, and I told her I was okay and that I was sorry. But I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t remember the wreck. I didn’t remember veering off the road and hitting that guard rail, having it cut through my car and slice my face and cut me open. I didn’t remember getting taken in the ambulance. I didn’t remember any of that.

    I just remembered that morning, a morning that was like any other. A Saturday, about a month ago, just going through the day like I always do. I had a nice smoothie for breakfast. I had a good shower. I did some Wim Hof breathing in a cold shower, and I was preparing to do a podcast with one of my favorite musical superstars, a guy named Nahko Bear. I was coming to the office and I was excited, and then I woke up in the hospital.

    And there’s some theories about some things that might have happened, but nothing makes a lot of sense. I didn’t go out the night before, I had a good night of sleep, and something happened about two minutes away from my house where I lost consciousness and went off the road.

    But the funny thing is when I was in that hospital, and even though I could express that I was sorry to Whitney because she would have to take care of me and I would no longer be the provider and the man that I had been previously. But she would have to take care of me because I was wounded.

    But I had this sense that it happened for me and not to me. Yeah, it’s totally, completely random. There’s no reason, ostensibly, for me to have driven off the road. There’s no cause and effect that I can find, but I just had that feeling. And it was an overwhelming feeling; it was an undoubtable feeling that for some reason this accident happened for me, not to me. I just didn’t know why yet.

    And then, as the weeks went on, I started to understand why. I started to understand that when you can’t breathe out of your nose and you can’t feel your face and you can’t kiss your loved one and you can’t taste your food anymore, you start to remember what’s really important and realize that all these things that we think are the most important things in the world... Our career, our success, our business, our relationship, all these things. Yeah, they’re great. That’s important, but you know what’s more important? Breathing air, tasting food, being able to kiss and talk, being out of pain, being able to sleep. That’s really what’s most important about life. And when you have that, well you’ve kind of got it made. And if you don’t have some of that, well, whatever you do have, that’s great too.

    And not only did I learn that from this accident, I also learned what it really means to be loved, because I’ve always been such an active provider, caring for people’s emotions, providing entertainment, providing value, doing something to make myself worthy of love from another person, even my fiancé. I’m always doing, so that I feel that the love I receive is justified based on what I’m doing. It makes me worthy! Well, I couldn’t do anything, and what I found was that everybody loved me just the same, maybe even more. And I wasn’t doing anything...

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