• ROJSON - Channel

    • 3,932 videos
    ŚWIATY uRoJoNe: Games, Ludology, Paintball, Art & Comedy. Na konkretnie i wesoło. Z pasją i oddaniem.

    Felietonista-ludolog, wariat-filmowiec, integrator-meloman, plastyk-badacz. Oddany wojownik paint
  • night gaming - Channel

    • 2,002 videos
    Channel dedicated to gameplays, mainly Android games. In the channel you will find new and classic games, mainly stickman, short life, kick the buddy and granny.
  • Hack The Dino - Channel

    • 43 videos
    A fortnightly pop culture podcast recorded in a real life comic book store, Greenlight Comics found in Adelaide, Australia! We discuss news from both video games and comics, Dan recommends a new read
  • leahviathan - Channel

    • 19 videos
    Mainly a twitch streamer but sometimes I make videos, let's plays, vlogs, other fun stuff :)
  • HakJak's Glorious Live Stream - Duration: 4 hours.

    • Streamed 3 weeks ago
    Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

    Guts and Glory livestream!
    50% OFF on Steam Summer Sale | Coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch very soon!
    Stream starts June 23rd at 11...
  • Guts and Glory - Channel

      A game about father and son riding their bicycle through obstacle courses of death, and other fun family experiences.

      Created by a weirdo that calls himself 'HakJak'
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    • Garry's Mod - Channel

        Garry's Mod is a sandbox physics game created by Garry Newman and developed by his company, Facepunch Studios. Garry's Mod was originally a mod for Valve Corporation's Half-Life 2 but was later made i
        • CHANNEL
      • Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Channel

          Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a first-person action-adventure platformer video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xb
          • CHANNEL
        • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Channel

            PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a battle royale shooter that pits 100 players against each other in a struggle for survival. Gather supplies and outwit your opponents to become the last person standi
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          • Mario Kart 8 - Channel

              Mario Kart 8 is a 2014 kart-racing game for the Wii U.
              • CHANNEL
            • Grand Theft Auto V - Channel

                GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Now Available. The risks are colossal, the enemies all but unstoppable... but the rewards are mouth-watering and a massive adrenaline spike is absolutely guaranteed. Ass
                • CHANNEL
              • BigJigglyPanda - Channel

                • 426 videos
                Hi, I'm Panda. You can call me Anthony.
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              • Two Players One Console - Channel

                • 1,103 videos
                Hey ragazzi, noi siamo Sergio e Veronica ma ci potete chiamare Stef e Pherenike.
                Benvenuti nel nostro canale, se quello che cercate sono gameplay divertenti (adatti a tutte le età) in Co-Op siete nel
                • CHANNEL
              • SillySloth - Channel

                • 223 videos
                Im a gamer that LIVES off of COFFEE
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              • Ian Deane - Channel

                • 43 videos
                • CHANNEL
              • KidLudens - Channel

                • 11 videos
                • CHANNEL
              • TenMoreMinutes - Channel

                • 1,229 videos
                We upload Lets Plays for you to enjoy every single day. We're currently playing a blind run of Dark Souls (Remastered), Salt And Sanctuary and there are many more games in our completed series of Let
                • CHANNEL
              • Get Indie Gaming - Channel

                • 216 videos
                We find the best indie games and showcase them here on Get Indie Gaming

                Every month we recap the top indie game releases, indie game hidden gems, the best looking projects on Kickstarter, indie game
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              • Garry Newman - Channel

                • 144 videos
                • CHANNEL
              • Extra Credits - Channel

                • 773 videos
                Join us on Extra Credits every Wednesday as we take a deeper look at games: how they are made, what they mean, and how we can make them better.

                Join us on Extra History every Saturday to explore the
                • CHANNEL
              • Mark Brown - Channel

                • 94 videos
                How does Half Life teach without tutorials? Why didn't Capcom tell you that it was manipulating Resident Evil 4's difficulty? How are Nintendo's level designers inspired by Chinese poetry? Find out, i
                • CHANNEL
              • Neebs Gaming - Channel

                • 1,130 videos
                From the Creators of Battlefield Friends, Mob Squad and Doraleous and Associates, we bring you Neebs Gaming! The greatest gaming channel in the world.
                We play Battlefield 1, Subnautica, Ark Survival
                • CHANNEL
              • Lee Vermeulen - Channel

                • 76 videos
                • CHANNEL
              • Bentastic - Channel

                • 448 videos
                Hi, I'm Ben!
                I love horror games and because I get scared easily I thought I might share the experience with you guys!
                Have a great day!
                • CHANNEL
              • GameGrumps - Channel

                • 6,078 videos
                Game Grumps: Dan and Arin playin' games. Always. 10am and 2pm every day.
                Steam Train: Any of the Grumps (but mostly Ross) playing PC games. Sometimes 12pm every day.
                Grumpcade: Any of the Grumps playi
                • CHANNEL
              • Road to VR - Channel

                • 455 videos
                Founded in 2011, Road to VR is the world’s largest independent news publication dedicated to the consumer virtual reality industry. We explore the bleeding edge of virtual reality, augmented reality,
                • CHANNEL
              • TheRealGMat - Channel

                • 118 videos
                New episodes weekly!!
                Press SUBSCRIBE, don't be a dawg.

                Join our Patreon to support the channel!
                And check out
                FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/therealgmat/
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              • Turning YouTuber legend CoryxKenshin into a video game character. Quick timelapse.

                CoryxKenshin in Guts and Glory - Duration: 53 seconds.

                • 6 months ago
                Turning YouTuber legend CoryxKenshin into a 3D video game character for my game Guts and Glory.

                Massive version 1.0 update coming Spring 2018!

                HakJak.com for more info y'allllll!
              • EuclideonOfficial - Channel

                • 24 videos
                Euclideon specialise in providing agile enterprise solutions that improve productivity and the usability of large volumes of point cloud data with our ground-breaking Geoverse™ solution. Read more on
                • CHANNEL
              • PlayStation - Channel

                • 9,183 videos
                Welcome to the official home of PlayStation on YouTube.

                Here you'll find the latest videos about your favorite PlayStation products direct from Sony Computer Entertainment, as well as consumer gener
                • CHANNEL
              • A little behind-the-scenes #gamedev

                How to make a 3D Character from Photo FAST - Duration: 73 seconds.

                • 8 months ago
                I had some requests for behind-the-scenes gamedev stuff, so here's a quick creation timelapse of a custom character made for Guts and Glory from a photo.

                I used Reallusion's "Crazy Talk 8" softwar...
              • I've made a TON of changes to Guts and Glory since my last video. I hope you'll check it out :D

                Pedro's Grande Update - Duration: 44 seconds.

                • 9 months ago
                ALL THE NEW STUFF: http://steamcommunity.com/app/537340/allnews/
                New Character: Pedro
                HUGE Optimization Overhaul!
                100+ New Level Editor Items
                Halloween & Christmas Props
                New AI Vehicles
                Orbit Cam, ...
              • Hollow2.0 - Channel

                • 151 videos
                Welcome to my second channel. The purpose of this channel is to experience games for what they are. If you enjoy fun,funny and energetic gameplay videos this is the place for you!! I'm really excited
                • CHANNEL
              • Herr Currywurst - Channel

                • 3,947 videos
                Hallöchen Leute mein Name ist Kevin, bin 23 Jahre alt und wenn ihr das hier lest, seid ihr gerade auf meinem Kanal.

                Warum ich mit den Lets Plays angefangen habe?

                Nunja, wollte einfach den Spaß mit d
                • CHANNEL
              • Alpha Beta Gamer - Channel

                • 1,038 videos
                www.alphabetagamer.com is the number one resource for Alpha and Beta testing of video games on the internet.

                The website is updated daily with beta tests, greenlight games and indie game bundle dea
                • CHANNEL
              • Gavabunga - Channel

                • 305 videos
                WAZAAAAAA!!! You enjoy gameplays, fun and stupidity, right? RIGHT!!? Well, then you've come to the riiiiight place! :D Laugh with me, or at me - as long as there's a smile on that pretty face of yours
                • CHANNEL
              • Shane Celis - Channel

                • 90 videos
                I'm an evolutionary robotics researcher turned #gamedev, making fun virtual robot toys that hint at artificial evolution (think: edu. trojan horse).
                • CHANNEL
              • CircleToonsHD - Channel

                • 103 videos
                My name is Christian, but many know me as Circle.

                I'm here to spread love and hate. I apologize in advance for both.
                • CHANNEL
              • Landfall - Channel

                • 420 videos
                We make gameplay focused games.
                Contact us at: info@landfall.se
                Website: www.landfall.se
                • CHANNEL
              • Matthew Palaje - Channel

                • 135 videos
                Hey everyone! I'm developing VR games and producing YouTube videos to help out the game development community.

                I hope you enjoy my videos! If you want to discuss something business related feel free
                • CHANNEL
              • uiStudios.com - Channel

                • 26 videos
                3D Modeling Tutorials. Learn how to create your own game assets using Autodesk Maya and zBrush! Please subscribe and feel free to contact me with tutorial requests or any questions!
                • CHANNEL
              • Project Elysium - Channel

                • 13 videos
                • CHANNEL
              • Pixologic ZBrush - Channel

                • 1,575 videos
                Founded in 1997, Pixologic Incorporated develops and markets innovative software tools for the film and video, games, graphic design and illustration markets. ZBrush is a graphic application aimed at
                • CHANNEL
              • StudioToKoMotion - Channel

                • 68 videos
                3D Visualization, Animation, Character Design
                • CHANNEL
              • StudioToKoMotion - Channel

                • 68 videos
                3D Visualization, Animation, Character Design
                • CHANNEL
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