• Why Filipinos Are Good Singers

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    Why Filipinos are good singers? They sing too much! Everything they do involves singing. Singing while cooking, eating, playing, flying, driving, singing while singing!

    Why are there so many Filipino singing in competitions such as X-Factor? It's because Filipinos are the best singers! Ok I feel like my Filipino pride is going overboard. Bebot bebot!

    There are many Filipinos with amazing voice around the world. This is owed to how they were brought up. Karaoke is a very common thing with Filipinos. If you have been in the Philippines or from there, you will know what I am talking about.

    Filipino sings in almost every Filipino parties. It is always accompanied with alcohol to give them a bit of confidence. But really, Filipinos are performers! They don't just sing they own the stage.

    Playing guitar becomes a second nature to them because it is the easiest way to accompany their voice. It is also portable and can be played anywhere. This is why there are also many many great Filipino guitarists or knows how to play.

    If they are brought up in the Philippines, guaranteed they know how to play a chord. It's a given really. Every household must have a guitar or a microphone.

    We are also not afraid to sing. Even if we are bad singers we still sing! This is how even if we have a bad voice at least we can carry at least a note. Yes! we are told to keep singing no matter how bad we sing. Hoping one day, our singing gets good-er.

    That's why Filipinos are good singers. Now you know. Please subscribe, share or even just like. Please? I will sing you a song? Thanks, bye! Show less
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    Once you've seen the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, you might wander, what are other things to do in Sydney? This is what I was thinking when I started this series. There are also other places to go in Sydney other than Sydney. I mean outside of Sydney are multitude of attractions. There will also be a lot of food because I am a glutton. I just eat so much, hence I can't get sexy back. Enjoy guys.
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    Our four and a half days trip in New Zealand. Will likely visit again, it's that good. We did so much in our short stay. Wish it could have been longer, there are just so many things to do.

    New Zealand is now over populated with over 4.5 million people living there. Traffic has now become a problem to the New Zealanders. We were speaking to our driver that took us the airport. He said that it takes him two hours to get home, that would normally take him 40 minutes. There are just too many cars on the road. An improvement of the public transport should be on the agenda.

    Traffic is mainly in the city area where there are more population. The countryside is another matter. Clear open road, green grass and hills is what you will see.

    I can't blame people from wanting to move to New Zealand. It is a beautiful country, very picturesque. Who wouldn't want to wake up to nature all the time? For people that wants to retire or just want a quiet life, New Zealand is the place.

    In our first day we didn't do much as the day was almost over. We landed, hired a car, ate a pie, drove to Hamilton. Sounds boring but the scenery was so picturesque. Got some really great footage of sunsets and rainbow.

    The second day, half of the day was spent in Hamilton Gardens. The garden is huge, you will need at least half a day or more to explore the place. We then drove to Rotorua as it was getting a bit late. Every drive was so nice because of the beautiful landscapes New Zealand has. Arrived in Rotorua and wanted to try out their natural springs spa. We didn't want to go to the Polynesian spa so we opted to drive another 30 minutes to another one. Waikite Valley pools is great, worth the drive. I'd imagine there are less people going here compared to the Polynesian spa which is in the city center of Rotorua. Rented a private spa for only $27, so cheap and worth it. Then we ate at Eat Streat, no that is not a typo. There are lots of great eateries here I bet but the one we went to was just not good. It was not even OK.

    The third day in New Zealand was really fun and we did so much. There is so much to do in Rotorua. We saw the Haka performed by Maori warriors and a love song that I will always remember. You have to hear it, it's so good. It's called Pokarekare Ana. Do a search on YouTube and compare which version is best. Saw the Pohutu geyser which is the best on in the Southern Hemisphere. Bubbling mud pool, steaming streams of water, funky smell of sulfur. That was only the first park we visited.
    We then drove to Skyline and tried out the luge. That was fun, it was like a go cart without the motor. If you just started I recommend going in the scenic or intermediate route. Advance is not necessarily for experts, we went there after 2 rides, just to be safe.
    After a great luge session, we headed back to Rotorua's CBD as we had 3 hours to kill before our buffet at the Stratosfare, a restaurant in Skyline. We got to a park in Rotorua and I decided to go for a run so I can fit more in at the buffet later. Get our money's worth, it was $52.
    The buffet at Stratosfare wasn't great, it was just OK. I think we were paying more for the view. The crayfish, which was succulent, we had to pay extra.
    We had our fill and now it's time to head to Taupo. Driving at night is not really recommended, never know what's going to happen. It is good to avoid traffic though.
    We got to Taupo very late. Stayed at Bay Motors inn, which was reasonable and it was just by the shore of Taupo bay.
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