• The Samlerhuset Group: Creating Delighted Collectors

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    An engaging and informative look at the work and spirit of the Samlerhuset Group, from its roots in Norway to its spread across Europe, featuring staff in the London Mint Office, the world's most expensive gold coin, the Olympics, the World Cup, war veterans, a champion speed skater, the Nobel Peace Prize and the Mint of Norway, plus the World Money Fair in Berlin.

    Below is a transcript of most of the video. (YouTube sets word limits!)

    Samlerhuset creates delighted collectors.

    Since starting in Norway in 1994, Samlerhuset has expanded across Europe. The Group now operates in 15 countries.

    The UK is served by the London Mint Office. Staff here -- as in other parts of the Group -- create and sell collections of coins, commemorative medals and other collectibles such as ingots.

    They think up entirely new series.
    They put together sets of historic interest.
    They work on campaigns with central banks and government mints.

    Always they strive to nurture lifelong trusting happy relationships.

    TIM BANKS: "For me, to see that a customer has come back and ordered another product, extended their collection, they've placed their faith in us, that we can help them with their coin collecting, you know, it gives me a really warm sense, it's a cherished feel and it makes me feel very proud that we've been able to satisfy that customer need."

    Samlerhuset has deep roots. In the early 1980s, while still at school in Norway, two of the Group's founders set up a stamp-collecting business, and published a series of magazines. This is their first press clipping.

    PETER SWANSTON: "They saw their role then as we do now to explain, to educate, to bring people into the market to the idea of collecting for the first time."

    Direct marketing is central to creating collectors... so staff are encouraged to attend Samlerhuset's own marketing academy, where courses are designed to share good ideas between countries and stimulate the development of new concepts.

    NAOMI PARRY: "The coin... is the hero. Each has an individual and unique story... we want people to take these products seriously... They're steeped in history, they're part of a way we can preserve our vanished heritage."

    Samlerhuset has now run more than a thousand campaigns, supplying more than two and a half million customers worldwide. The Group's reach and reputation has enabled partnerships with global phenomena such as the Olympics and The World Cup.

    In 2012 The Smithsonian Institution - the world's largest museum - brought over from the US one of the world's most legendary coins. Worth more than seven million dollars, the 1933 Double Eagle toured seven European countries. It attracted thousands of visitors and massive media interest.

    NAOMI PARRY: "we got tremendous feedback from it, that our customers really enjoyed it, and it is, it was, a truly stunning coin."

    Samlerhuset also sponsors individual athletes and sporting organisations such as the ice hockey federations of Finland and Latvia.

    PEKKA KOSKELA: "I think it's very fruitful and I feel it's very dynamic to do this sponsorship".

    Through coins and medals Samlerhuset has raised millions for war veterans in Norway, Finland and the UK.

    Samlerhuset is also very proud to be -- since 2003 - joint owner of the Mint of Norway. The Mint is Norway's second oldest company, set up in 1686. The Mint's made every medal for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Mint also makes everyday circulation coins for several national banks -- including Norway's -- and commemorative and limited-edition items for other clients.

    JAN--EIRIK HANSEN: "The Norwegian Mint is well known for delivering quality. We're also well known for maintaining very good relationships with our clients... our clients know that they can trust us and that they can rely on us"

    The promise of quality also draws more than 13,000 people every year to the World Money Fair in Berlin -- part-owned by Samlerhuset... Everybody of note is here -- all doing business, all taking delight in collecting

    PETER SWANSTON: "It's the most important coin fair in the calendar... and we're very proud to own this forum and to be able to nurture it and to bring the industry together in a single place and at a single time"

    Having grown across Europe, Samlerhuset now plans to use all its assets and expertise to grow beyond Europe.

    PETER SWANSTON: "We've already expanded a lot internationally, our concept of creating delighted collectors works extremely well across different borders, and we're going to introduce that across the globe." Show less
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