• 5 Things Mormons Believe That Other Christians Do Not

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    Today, Justin, David and Kwaku discuss five things that Mormons believe that other Christians do not! Do you agree that these beliefs are exclusive to Mormons? Throughout this video we explore topics like the necessity for additional scripture, baptism by immersion, the structure of the afterlife and much more.

    David begins by clarifying that, according to Mormon doctrine, prophets are still part of God’s church today. Kwaku clarifies by saying that Jesus Christ is still the leader of the church, as he was in biblical times, but that he works through his prophets to guide us. To prove his point, he quotes Mark 13:22 and points out that true prophets will come to point us towards the true Christ just like false prophets will come to lead us towards false Christs. There are false prophets today just like there were back then. Do you think Prophets are necessary? How can we tell if a prophet is a false prophet?

    Kwaku continues by touching on the fact that Mormons believe in another testament of Christ and consider it scripture like the bible. He shares John 10: 15 – 16 explaining that it does not make sense that god would only communicate with only the people in Israel. This is quickly followed by the fact the Mormons believe that families can be eternal and will still be meaningful after this life. David shares that, even in this life, normal activities are much more meaningful with his family.

    Do you believe that there is more than just heaven and hell? Justin poses the issue of thinking that there are only good and bad people. This is reflected in the Mormon belief of several “kingdoms” in which you can be after this life.

    Lastly, Mormons believe that baptism must be done in the same way Christ was baptized. Do you think the method of Baptism is important?

    Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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