• Eileen Durfee - Nutritional Balancing Science Practitioner & Inventor of Detox Equipment

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    Hi, my name's Eileen Durfee. I'm a practitioner of Nutritional Balancing Science, an inventor, a talk show host, and just a general enthusiast of using natural methods to optimize health.

    My whole life I've had health challenges - allergies, skin problems, Hashimoto's, hormone imbalances, insomnia, joint pain – you name it. Because of the allergies, I could not eat the same food within seventy two hours. That problem, along with candida and all other issues, got me to the point where regular mainstream medicine wasn't helping. I was getting worse. So I started reading and learning more about the holistic approach. I was trying every detox, fast, and therapy. I would take this supplement because it's good for that. It just grew into cabinets full of supplements and restrictive diets that basically had me as a prisoner. I was afraid of what I could eat or afraid not to take something.

    When I got into Nutritional Balancing Science, which uses hair analysis to guide the restoration of minerals and elimination of toxins, it was just another thing I was going to try. But lo and behold, after a month and a half on the program, my rheumatoid joint pain completely vanished. I began sleeping better. All these problems I was suffering from were gone.

    Here we are almost six years later, and this is what I'm doing full time. From nuclear power plant inspector and auditor/trainer to a construction superintendent who was building houses and developing property… I was a realtor, managed homeowner associations, was internationally certified, and so on. During those times, I spared no expense at trying to optimize my health nutritionally. When I came across Nutritional Balancing Science, besides guiding the program with hair analysis, a bunch of therapies were recommended to me to compliment that: sauna therapy, drinking ozonated water, skin brushing, and so on. I began looking at what was available in the marketplace, using it all and thinking, "Man, I could build that better!" I would see pictures and have dreams and visions of these enhancements and things that could make this easier for me to put in my life. So I began designing prototypes, building them, eventually patenting them, and creating websites. Now I've got customers in 56 countries over the world! This has gone from a sideline hobby of trying to restore my health to something where I can help other people.

    Hair analysis and Nutritional Balancing Science has been around for over thirty years. Here I am - 53 years old, and I suffered tremendously for such a long time! People need to learn about this special program that they can use to optimize their health. It’s worked for me! I feel better than I did when I was twenty five years old. I can actually eat food, I can sleep, my joint pain is gone, and Hashimoto's is gone. I just have a passion for this and want to help people. That’s what my company, Creatrix Solutions, is all about. I'm creating innovative health products to bring to the marketplace and help other people.

    We'd like you to get involved! We've got a lot of information and we'd like to educate people. Maybe you've got excellent health, but a family member or a friend might need something. You could help educate them on increasing their quality of life. We have lots of new products coming out. Our passion is to help, to educate and to train. You can keep checking Eileen Durfee's YouTube Channel to see new videos or listen to our Sound Channel files posted on the website at your leisure. Become informed and maybe you’ll want to get a sauna, drink some ozonated water, or purify your air! After all, we live in a very toxic world and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. You can have some peace of mind for yourself and the ones you love with these products. Be preventative with your measures instead of waiting until you’ve got an emergency situation. It’s always better to enhance your lifestyle and thus increase the quality of your life.

    My name is Eileen Durfee, and I'm a practitioner of Nutritional Balancing Science. You can go to my website GoHealthyNext.com, which earned its name because I had tried everything else! Go Healthy Next can help you get your body on track. Thank you, and we look forward to answering any questions that you may have. Show less
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