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    Austin TMJ Treatment options as described by Dr. John Barras DDS of Authentic Smiles.

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    If you're seeking TMJ, TMD treatment in Austin you may very well have been to an Ear Nose Throat, Neurologist, Chiropractor, any one of those. I'm typically the last person that someone would see. In our office we treat TMJ by addressing the bite and the arrangement of the teeth, the alignment of the teeth. What we find more often than not is the issue. So a misalignment in the teeth can create a misalignment in the jaw because the jaw goes wherever the teeth come into contact. So the alignment of the teeth are off, then the jaw can be canted one way or the other, it can cause inflammation in the muscles, it can cause clicking, popping because the jaw joint isn't in a relaxed state, and those are all symptoms related to a misalignment of the teeth. In our office, how we treat that is it's a three phase or three step process. First, we have our patients come in to check to see if a misalignment of the teeth may be the problem. If it is, then what we'll do is we'll do what we call a Phase One, which is the second step, is we place an orthotic in the mouth, which will help balance both sides of the teeth so the teeth have a good home to go to, there's balance, and it mitigates the misalignment of the teeth. It also helps to relax the muscles 'cause both sides are imbalanced, and it also brings the jaw joint down and forward. The jaw itself down and forward so that there's no ringing in the ears, clicking, popping, headaches are mitigated, the shoulder tenseness, all of that is relieved. Once we find that all these symptoms are majority of the symptoms are gone, then we can give a Phase Three, which is giving permanent solution to the ultimate problem of a misalignment of the teeth. That may be moving the teeth with orthodontics into that position where the orthotic is in. It may be rebuilding some of the teeth because they're too worn with crowns or veneers. A third option might be a combination of moving the teeth with orthodontics and building some, rebuilding some of the selected teeth to get the teeth into a proper bite position that is really, really comfortable. So that is how we address TMJ problems in our office. If you have any further questions or comments please email us or call us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Show less
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