• Mixed Cajun Grill Recipe

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    This is the recipe for a Cajun mixed grill. Served on a bed of red beans and rice. This sweet and spicy sauce placed on Cajun pork chops, gulf shrimp , and a chicken breast. The Bald Chef will show you step by step how to make the New Orleans inspired Cajun carnivore’s delight. Looking for a recipe to make a big bang for you next dinner party give this winner, winner Cajun dinner a try!
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  • Chinese Recipes Play all

    This is the Bald Chef's recipe playlist for outstanding Chinese recipes. Most of these Chinese recipes are very authentic, and are often found at your local Chinese carryout restaurant. In these tutorial videos we will show you step-by-step how to make real homemade Chinese food. These recipes utilize the same methodology that is used in China. Though many of these recipes are not actually served in China, they may be more Chinese/American recipes. The reason for this is the actual cuisine of China is much different than what is served here in the United States. So you can go throw this list of recipes and find the dish you like and I will show you exactly how to make it so you can enjoy at home.
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  • Cajun And Creole Recipes Play all

    The Bald Chef has a unique playlists for all of his Cajun and Creole specialty recipes. As a big fan of New Orleans and Louisiana in general I love both Cajun and Creole cooking. My recipes range from some very good gumbo, jambalaya, Cajun dirty Rice, Craw fish Etoufee, and even some pretty darn good Cajun pasta.This is one of America's only true cuisines Cajun, Creole are found here only in the United States. Though these dishes are popular in the French quarters of New Orleans will also find them in Louisiana and a lot of other parts of the South. The ingredients range from extremely fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to the bayous of Louisiana utilizing spices that are unique to the American Indian, Africa, France, Spain, and the Portuguese. This eclectic collection of fantastic recipes pretty much sum up the main stream Cajun style cooking cuisine.
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  • Italian Recipes Play all

    The Bald Chef has a outstanding playlist of very authentic Italian recipes. These recipes range from pasta dishes such as linguine with clam sauce both red and white, seafood Italian recipes, sauces, meat dishes , and much more.Many of these Italian recipes feature fresh pasta. Take a look around, and I'm sure you will find just what you're looking for in the way of a fantastic Italian meal.
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  • Great Soup And Stew Recipes Play all

    This is The Bald Chef's Soup And Stew play list. Here you will find many great recipes for soups, stews, and chowders. I am a big fan of clam chowder be it Manhattan for New England. Many of the soup, stew, chowder recipes are from around the world. Each recipe will be shown step-by-step exactly how to make these great recipes. Many of the soup recipes come from areas in Asia such as Vietnam and Korea. Also in my lineup. I include all American favorites too. So if you're looking for a great soup or stew recipe to make tonight you will find these recipes quite good.
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  • Mexican Recipes Play all

    I love the food of Mexico. Mexican recipes are one of the Bald Chefs most beloved foods in the world. I've been in Mexico, more than 40 times and I keep going back because I love the food. Mexicans have a special knack for creating more than just tacos but incredible recipes that are extremely delicious. in my channel list for Mexican food recipes you will find a complete collection of some of my favorite Mexican foods that you will find on the web.
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  • Thai Recipes Play all

    I've spent time in Thailand and have had the opportunity to learn how to create and cook incredible Thai recipes. I haven't insider's view on what it takes to make Thai food taste like Thai food. Not many Americans have spent time extensive time in Thailand, like I have. With over 19 years of eating almost extensive Thai food. I have learned how to make some incredibly good Thai recipes. Enjoy what are put up in my Thai food selection. Because of this is the best the best.
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  • Cocktail And Shot Recipes Play all

    The Bald Chef shows you how to mix your favorite cocktail or shot. In this playlist you will find some of my best cocktail recipes and shot concoctions. This can act as a bartender's guide or if you want to mix the special drink for guests at your house for a party you may be able to find just a drink you're looking for. As a former bar owner, I have an insiders insight into what goes in the making some pretty crazy cocktails and shots. Go to this list of drinks and you might just find what you're looking for.
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