• Hybrid Lithium Capacitor : VPC with Boris & Klaus

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    Website : vina.co.kr
    Hycap@vina.co.kr for supercapacitor inquiry
    Carbon@vina.co.kr for fuel cell components inquiry
    Call +82-31-448-3066

    VINATech is formed in 1999, South Korea, the #supercapacitor manufacturer.
    Providing #fuel_cell components such as platinum catalyst, carbon catalyst support, and Membrane Electrode Assembly for Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

    Powerful VINATech, Boris and Klaus are going to introduce you to VPC, Hybrid#Lithium_Capacitor.
    Klaus : Hello Everyone, I am Klaus, with VINATech Overseas Marketing Team. Today I’m going to introduce VPC, a new product developed by #VINATech. I’m here with Boris, would you like to say hello to the customers?
    Boris : Hello, I am Boris with VINATech Overseas Marketing Team. I’m here to introduce a new product, VPC that many of VINATech engineers have been working hard on for years. I am going to talk about VPC with Klaus today.
    Klaus : I am even more interested because many engineers have done hard work to make VPC. How can you describe what VPC is?
    Boris : Before we move on to the launch of VPC product, Let me introduce VINATech briefly first. From 1999 until now, VINATech has developed and produced #Electric_Double_Layer Capacitor over 20 years. This time VINATech launched a new product VPC.
    What makes it different is higher rated voltage for VPC and ten times higher capacitance compared with #EDLC.
    Klaus : VPC has a slightly higher voltage and more capacitance than EDLC?
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    VINATech, a known & market-leading supercapacitor manufacturer,
    owns technologies of EDLC VET 2.7V Supercapacitor for high temperature, Hybrid #Lithium_Capacitor VPC 3.8V Series, and NEO series of 2.7V & 3.0V supercapacitor. All are developed by VINATech's own R&D lab. Show less
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    VINATech formed in South Korea in 1999. VINATech has developed and built SuperCapacitors by VINATech's own factory and the Fuel Cell Components. Membrane Electrode Assembly, Catalyst, Supports for DMFC and PEMFC.

    For more details please contact Tel +82-31-448-3066 or Hycap@vina.co.kr, Web site www.vina.co.kr
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