• Fireside Chat: Reflections on Systems We Love - Duration: 1 hour.

    • Streamed 3 weeks ago
    Joyent's CTO, Bryan Cantrill and Google's, Jess Frazelle reflect on the systems they love in this Fireside Chat.
  • A new video about where to find Linux answers, help, and documentation in 2017: Enjoy!

    Linux Documentation In 2017 - Duration: 20 minutes.

    • 2 weeks ago
    A list of Linux resources (and the context/info you need to use them) that will help you troubleshoot, learn new things, and find answers to questions you have while using Linux.

    1:09 Man pages: m...
  • Here's a quick tutorial on setting up your first website with the Apache webserver. Have fun!

    Set Up Your First Website with Apache VirtualHosts - Duration: 7 minutes, 33 seconds.

    • 3 weeks ago
    A quick guide on setting up your first websites with Linux + Apache. I'll walk you through two methods:

    1. Ultra Simple
    # Simple website in the existing /var/www/html directory
    Just add files to /...
  • A basic video covering the Apache web server (install and basic config) on Centos/RedHat Linux. enjoy!

    Apache Install and Main Config File (Red Hat Certification Exam Prep) - Duration: 13 minutes.

    • 3 weeks ago
    Covers the basics of installing the Apache web server on Red Hat and Centos, along with an overview of the main apache (httpd) config file.

    More Linux videos:
    Full Linux Sysadmin Course: https://w...
  • A slightly less controversial video than the last one: how to manage focus and concentration in your life.

    The Most Valuable Tech Skill You Can Have - Duration: 8 minutes, 9 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Focus and concentration are a big deal. They are things that most people don't think an awful lot about, but that can make a *huge* difference in your day-to-day work, your career, and your life.

  • Please, please, please don't make the same simple mistake that so many junior Sysadmins make.

    The Worst Mistake that New Sysadmins Make - Duration: 5 minutes, 59 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Don't make this lazy beginner mistake as a Sysadmin. Research your questions before asking:

    -Getting error messages? Read them out loud.
    -Google your best description of the problem.
    -Scan the fir...
  • Have you ever wondered how Linux+Bash actually looks up the commands you type in? Check out this video on $PATH!

    Everything You Need to Know About $PATH in Bash - Duration: 9 minutes, 31 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    How does Linux know where to look for the commands that you type at the command-line? In this video you'll learn how the $PATH variable works in Linux. Specifically, we'll look at how this value is...
  • Wondering which tech interest to make a career? Here's how to find + master what you're most passionate about.

    How to Find and Master Your Tech Passion - Duration: 8 minutes, 46 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
  • My new Ansible course is now available through Packt publishing! Check out the intro video on YouTube.

    Ansible 2 For Beginners: Linux Automation Course Overview - Duration: 4 minutes, 23 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    This is the course introduction video for my new Ansible tutorial / video course. I started with a free Ansible tutorial on YouTube, and ended up making an entire course focused on Ansible Basics f...
  • Here are a few of the video courses I've been working on (the Ansible course was just released yesterday):

    Coming Soon: Python, Ansible, and Red Hat Courses - Duration: 9 minutes, 1 second.

    • 2 months ago
    I've been hard at work on more Linux courses:

    1. An Ansible video course for Packt Publishing, which just launched: https://www.packtpub.com/networking-and-servers/ansible-2...

    2. A ...
  • Do you need a College Degree to have a successful System Administration career?

    Do You Need A College Degree For a System Administration Career? - Duration: 12 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    It's one of the most popular questions I get: Is a college degree required for a System Administration Career?

    -Do I need a university degree for a tech career, in general?
    -How can I get my first...
  • Which Linux text editor should you use? Here are the editors I recommend, and the best order to learn them in.

    Which Text Editor Should You Choose? - Duration: 6 minutes, 44 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Wondering which text editor to use for programming, system administration, or other text-heavy work? This video covers the editors that I find the most useful, in the order I recommend learning the...
  • I just posted the third video in my Amazon AWS Cloud Sysadmin series: Setting up an ELB to point to your ASG.

    Amazon AWS Tutorial #3: Attaching an Elastic Load Balancer to your Auto-Scaling Group - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    In this video you'll learn how to create an AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) that balances load across your web application. You'll see how easy it is to hook up an Application Load balancer to an A...
  • Here's the second video in my Amazon AWS series: Custom AMIs and Auto-Scaling Groups. Enjoy!

    Amazon AWS Tutorial #2: Custom AMIs and Auto-Scaling Groups - Duration: 12 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    A practical AWS tutorial that shows how to create a custom AMI from an EC2 instance, and how to create an Auto-Scaling group which uses that AMI.
    Part 2 of a series on creating high-availability, a...
  • Here's Part 1 of an Amazon AWS Sysadmin Project (a load balanced, auto-scaling web server). Check it out!

    Amazon AWS Tutorial #1: Cloud Sysadmin - Your First EC2 Instance - Duration: 22 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    A quick, practical Amazon AWS tutorial that will help you set up your first Amazon EC2 instance (virtual machine) and connect to it via SSH.

    This series will show you how to set up a load-balanced...
  • Hacking with Andrew and Brad: an HTTP/2 client - Duration: 1 hour, 46 minutes.

    • 2 years ago
    In this hacking session, Andrew Gerrand and Brad Fitzpatrick write the beginnings of a HTTP/2 client in Go.

    The work we did in this screencast is in this commit:
  • Interested in Python Programming? Check out this video on the basics of Python virtualenvs and how to use them

    Python Programming Environment Setup - Duration: 20 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    If you're interested in Python programming basics, you need to learn what Python Virtual Environments (Python virtualenvs) are:
    -How to create a Python virtualenv (python 2 and python 3)
    -How to us...
  • Want to get started learning programming and software development? Here's a 10-minute workstation setup guide.

    Basic Programming Workstation Setup - Duration: 18 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    1:10 - Overview
    2:08 - The build-essential metapackage
    3:16 - The Mighty Text Editor: vim, emacs, and Sublime Text 3
    4:49 - Why not emacs or vim?
    6:30 - Multiple cursors and packages in Sublime Tex...
  • Your first tech job is usually a huge pay bump. Here's what every you need to know about handling that money.

    Money - What Every Sysadmin Needs to Know - Duration: 32 minutes.

    • 4 months ago
    This presentation will teach you the basics of managing a large income.

    For many of us, getting into a technology career means suddenly having money for the first time in our lives. Learning how t...
  • Here's what you need to know about Tech Debt to pass interviews, make the team love you, and deal with managers.

    What Every Sysadmin Needs to Know about Tech Debt - Duration: 13 minutes.

    • 5 months ago
    Recorded with 20% more unfiltered anger in my voice than the leading brand of sysadmin channel! Learn the basic things that every tech person must know about tech debt.

    Thinking about and managing...
  • The craziness of my new job has worn off and I'm back with another video about the super-useful 'lsof' command.

    8 Basic lsof Commands Every Sysadmin Needs to Know - Duration: 15 minutes.

    • 6 months ago
    lsof basics - list open files on Linux and Unix (expand for timestamps and details).

    About this Video:

    In this video I introduce the 'lsof' command, found on Linux and Unix systems. I'll show you...
  • To celebrate my move back to the US from Europe, I just released a new 'basics' video about Linux shell aliases.

    Linux Shell Aliases: What You Need to Know - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 8 months ago
    00:25 What is a Linux shell/command alias, and what does it look like?
    00:53 Why use shell aliases in Linux?
    01:36 Command Shadowing
    03:36 Basic alias creation syntax
    04:09 Listing all aliases in t...
  • A Top 10 video about the most popular Linux Job Interview Questions (with answers)

    Top 10 Linux Job Interview Questions - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 9 months ago
    0:00 Introduction
    0:53 Tech Phone screens
    1:50 How to check the kernel version of a Linux system?
    2:50 How to see the current IP address on Linux?
    4:03 How to check for free disk space in Linux?
  • Does Ubuntu Desktop feel too heavy? Here's a quick tutorial on a minimal, customizable install to start with.

    Tutorial: A Customizable Bare-Bones Linux Install - Duration: 17 minutes.

    • 10 months ago
    1:29 - Download minimal Ubuntu ISO
    2:59 - Virtualbox VM Creation
    4:16 - Minimal Ubuntu Install
    11:00 - Install the Virtualbox Guest Additions
    13:15 - GUI install (x11, lightdm, i3)
    15:03 - First G...
  • Free 30-minute Linux server project: Set up an XMPP server, learn system administration, chat with your friends!

    30-minute Practical Linux Project: XMPP Chat Server Setup, Start to Finish - Duration: 30 minutes.

    • 10 months ago
    Table of contents is in the description.
    This is a 30-minute course that covers setting up an XMPP (jabber) chat server, for chatting with friends. For even more fun, consider allowing open registr...
  • 250,000 subscribers - A feature-length look at the best PC game ever - Duration: 1 hour, 44 minutes.

    • 6 years ago
    Thank you for 250,000 subscribers (actually now 260,000). To celebrate, Here is the longest video I've ever made.
  • Review: The Best Linux System Administration Book Ever Written - Duration: 5 minutes, 36 seconds.

    • 10 months ago
    tutorialinux "reading list" page: https://tutorialinux.com/sysadmin-learning-resources/sysa...

    A review of the Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook, by Evi Nemeth et al. ...
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