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    Namaste and welcome, I'm Susan, welcome to my Youtube Channel, Susan Ni Rahilly, and to what I call “Further Than Yoga” . . . my meditation class goes out weekly from here.

    . . . when I say “further than yoga “ I'm not disparaging yoga the practice or the very sincere yoga teachers we have around us, but I have seen for a few years now that there's been a settling into promoting various styles of physical, yoga practices to the benefit of media and some teachers, and to the detriment of the whole of yoga . . . which is intended to take us further than the physical benefits or in fact the destressing mental and emotional benefits . . . I teach that yoga is the way we live with the divine in our lives, because we can experience direct divine communion through our practice . . .

    . . . and this practice, as I teach, comes directly from Patanjali's - known as the father of yoga – 8-step path to enlightenment compiled probably 1,700 years ago, from ancient knowledge prior to that and before the christian era . . . it's beyond what we know currently . . .

    . . . yoga is know as our Union with divine consciousness . . . but there is another translation as with most sanskrit words, that yoga is a binding – a practice which binds us with the divine . . . and the path of yoga takes us to samadhi, a state which binds us with higher consciousness . . . and it is also a belief that there is a transcendent source of energy and your life has a purpose which binds you in a commitment through which this vital power flows . . . your bliss . . . it is your bond with life and divinity . . .

    . . . and when we practice together in this spirit we are bonded – not separated by styles, forms, lifestyle, disposable income etc . . . unified by simple, practical teaching and practices . . . we lift up, individually, to meet the divine, our source, god, the light . . we open up spiritually . . . we open up to our own divinity . . . and you yourself understand direct communion with the divine . . .

    . . . being taken beyond what we know of heaven and earth to connect with that part of yourself that is connected, to expand your understanding . . .

    Why is this important . . . what does it mean? . . . why are we doing this . . . ?

    . . . because this is the way some of us need, to see our own way forward, to grow and mature – because that is what life, your soul, demands – to expand our minds and our perceptions of life . . .

    . . . life is happening . . . it's important to me that we all stop waiting and do something now . . . your connection with divinity affects me, your friends, your neighbours and community, the world, the environment and the planet . . . we need to get on with it – enlightenment is now . . . so I'm teaching Further than Yoga, and this is how you do it . . .

    . . . here in my meditation classes, I teach you guiding principles from the ancient teachings of the whole of yoga and instruct you with a practicality of doing this for yourself in your daily life . . . practice, helping us see the divine: in our signs, symbols and daily messages on our soul's path . . . living with this in our daily life and so that we can see our own way forward . . . namaste Show less
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  • Weekly Yogic Meditation Classes Play all

    Susan's weekly meditation classes in the yogic tradition. In Classes 1 - 30 Susan teaches Further Than Yoga - expanding and accelerating our spiritual vision - for those of us who want to walk the Divine Path and live with Simplicity of Divinity in our lives thro our practice of yoga meditation.
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  • Teaching and Practice Play all

    This is a video playlist of short teachings and guidance for practice. Namaste, Enjoy, Susan.
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  • Healing Catholic Guilt Play all

    Susan talks on the harmful and wounding issues of Catholic Guilt and their affect on a woman's soul . . . "my book was taboo 16 years ago and maybe the time is right for healing now?"
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  • The Further Than Yoga Satsangs Play all

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  • Ashram Week Play all

    My first Ashram Week is Thursday July 28th to Thursday August 4th in Caheragh, West Cork, Ireland. My teaching is the traditional "Steps to Samadhi" . . . following Patanjali's 8-step path (also known as Raja Yoga).

    There are 6 spaces in the group - 2 non-residential. More information is here: https://essenceofyogameditation.wordpress.com/ashram-week/

    Namaste, Susan
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