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  • Gourmet Race - Kirby Super Star Sing-A-Long!

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    Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star...with singing! And lyrics! And...more singing!

    Turned on Closed Captioning to sing along!

    Special thanks to:
    - Youtube Commenters jlhack7 and williamkage for providing/inspiring the lyrics on their amazing Youtube comments!
    - Game Grumps, for grumping (or groomping?) up Kirby Super Star and inspiring this little ditty! (http://youtube.com/gamegrumps)
    - Brentalfloss, for obvious reasons (you rock, dude, http://youtube.com/brentalf...)
    - And you, for watching! Thank you!

    Lyrics below!

    (Put in the cartridge
    and controllers,
    here we go!)

    This is a Kirby.
    He'll eat everything he sees
    He'll eat. anything
    From the stars to clouds
    to chicken wings.
    He'll eat all he can
    Pink and round yes he's the man
    He loves to eat stuff
    Oh, he's a pink ball puff.

    Kirby eats you, takes your powers
    This is how he wins the game
    If he needed a player two
    He could spit you out as his new companion
    Eating his food, don't you worry
    kissing makes it all okay!
    Now, look out, because he's getting hungry!
    Wouldn't want to be in Kirby's way!

    Sucking in some air and now that Kirby he can fly
    Soaring over Dreamland as he balloons through the sky
    That Waddle Dee, Poppy Bro, and Scarfy run for cover
    Kirby he just floats right over, not like he should care!
    Dedede and Meta Knight and Dyna Blade and more
    None of them have any thought what Kirby has in store
    Flying in the Halberd they think they are safe from Kirby
    But then
    Here he comes
    Our hero Kirby
    Villains, it's the end!

    (Did we write a second verse?
    Guess we go again!)

    This is a Kirby
    Pink and light as a Spring Breeze
    "Stolen food? No problem!
    I will even bomb a tree!"
    Meta Knight is back?
    Round and blue? Man, what a hack!
    If he threatens Dreamland
    Kirby beats him back!

    Searching through great cave offensive
    Where could all those treasures be?
    There are sixty treasure chests
    Better clever up if you're gonna find em!

    Dyna Blade's in fact a good guy
    Did you know that? Well, not I!
    Kirby's such a nice pink puff ball
    Teaching those chickies how to fly!

    Mi-il-ky Way Wishes! This is it now it's the end
    If Kirby can pull through then the Dreamland he'll defend
    Can't suck up their powers but it's ok Kirby ain't phased
    With all of these costumes Kirby can outsmart the maze!

    Shooting scrolling sideways, man, when does this level end?
    Kirby's getting hungry, what could be around the bend?
    Kirby he has saved the world; now he can finally rest
    But I think he'd rather
    Just have dinner
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