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    Half Pound Patty is a Hip-Hop Artist and aspiring Producer representing the Toronto area music scene. His music touches people in the struggle, people on the grind and anyone involved in hip-hop music. Take a listen and check out what HP Patty has to offer.


    Surrounded by the darkness, I'm lurking in the shadows.
    Behind every smile is an ongoing battle.

    That's just how I feel sometimes, more times I feel abstract I feel sublime.

    Yo Killa what's crackin? Puppet what's poppin?
    I'm standing at the precipice I ran through all my options.

    If rap don't work then it's gonna be a problem.
    I don't want to be average, hell naw man.

    If rap don't work I don't know what to say fam.
    This is all I know and all I do everyday fam.

    Baby moms dissin trying to play me for a waste man.
    2 Jobs / 2 Phones, trying to chase bands.

    Rummz on the crumbs, Patty on the plate going coco for the bread, ribs touching got to eat.

    If you got it for the low, come through I got to see it.
    Work on consignment, he ain't gonna find it.

    I just want to make music that sounds timeless.
    Billup like Phillip, you could roll up and vibe it.

    Bitch niggas always gonna bitch, that's the truth.
    You can keep it on the low but the real going to find it.

    I feel like a new lighter.
    Give my pen a flick flick real quick for some new fire.

    Better recognize a boss like a new hire.
    I break it down like a circuit with a loose wire.

    Break it down into fractions and decimals.
    Break it down like Cali kush's finest medicinal.

    Not about being wrong or right, it's the principle.
    Bout to set the precedent, Patty Cake for President.

    Higher than a Saudi Prince riding on an elephant.
    Bare weed crumbs and blunt guts around my residence.

    Trying to alphabetically arrange a pack of M&Ms..
    Can't lie yo, I'm high bro, I'm eating Smarties.

    Got a brown ting all she do is frequent parties.
    Busy through the weekdays, she my weekend shorty.

    Hard to pay a bitch attention when you sleeping poorly.
    Pockets good, I'm still skinny because I'm eating poorly.

    All I want to do is eat shrooms and smoke, cheese burger, extra cheese, side of fries & a coke.

    Quick beer while I'm here, take a slice of cake to go.
    Then it's back to the job, then it's back to roads.

    Lung what's the lingo? Scrappy what's the scrape?
    Me & scrappy flying down the 401 billin papes.

    I just want to ball like I'm Charlie Villanueava.
    Me & Killa like Melo & Mane, like Miz & Rafe.

    Most people hate to love, more people love to hate.
    Because we're all insecure in this hell with no escape.

    I took the RT to Kennedy, Subway to Pape.
    Like back when me & Alister was trying to make cake.. Show less
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    Hp Patty is an upcoming hip-hop artist and an aspiring producer thats representing the Toronto area music scene with an enormous passion. His music touches people in the struggle, people on the grind and anyone involved in hip-hop music.

    From “SMFH”, “Burn It Down” to “Bamily Over All That”, You need to take a listen to Hp Patty and check out what he has to offer.
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