• Apartment-dog dad and coffee MLM business hated by most people: why DXN?

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    Why do I work beside a job and dogs in my spare time? http://dxn.biz/dogs-apartme......

    In addition, not with anything but MLM business that is hated by almost everyone. Selling some coffee with an unspeakable name on the internet. Ganoderma? Let’s call it mushroom coffee instead. It's simpler to say it. Ganoderma is a medicinal mushroom anyway, Reishi in Japanese, Lingzhi in Chinese. As for me I managed to remember it approx after the fifth recap. And yet I tell the kids why don’t they pay attention and study! : D Yeah, one has to be born a teacher ... :)

    Some would be right to say that only those should work at home after job who have six goats, hehe. (We say this in Hungarian when we mean ’No way’.) I could not afford even one goat, not to speak of six. But instead I have 3 very cute, smart, well educated, obedient, house trained dogs. In a 10-storey block of flats.
    "This guy is definitely nuts" – some might think. Again, I have to take their side. I can not imagine anything sillier than to keep a dog in an apartment. I say this from experience even though I love my dogs, along with the afflictions, emotional and patience ups and downs that come with them. That's not how I planned it.

    From a family house I had to move back to the good old Avas housing project. It was out of the question not to bring’em along so my pups and i moved to an apartment on the fourth floor. My dogs are family members, my children. Whoever has a dog knows what I'm talking about. If you do not have one, think it over well more times. You might ask me a few things before you decide to have a dog, even if you have a family house. About why I did not move to a house that has a garden, I'm not talking right now. That's how I could manage, but I do not mind anymore.

    We’ve also learned to ride a bike together. They need intense movement, also to sleep in a balanced, peaceful and silent way while I am at work. They do not even get exhausted from running beside my bike 3 times a day. They get pleasantly tired of it, and I save a lot of energy to go on with my daily routine. If I had to run by them, I would be two things: either very tough, without a gram of excess weight or dead. I do not think I would be able to run with them for 4 years 3 times a day. By the way, I hate to run. Running away is a shame, but I think only those should run who are being chased, LOL!

    I cheated a bit in the video. I've shown a little bigger route than we ride nowadays. I did not even shoot the footage on the same day, the vids were made in April and July from which I cut this nearly-not perfect little short film. I did not record the essence, the reason why I have to take my dogs down, but I think you will excuse me for that. It is enough that I watch them doing 3 big things 3 times a day , and I harvest the "crops." This is also a part of the life with apartment dogs.

    I could talk about a lot more about dogs here, but you'll be able to read more in my blog posts. If I want to summarize in one word what it means to me to keep my dogs in the apartment, then I would just say: slavery. Always at the same time having to walk’em no matter if it rain falls, wind blows or snow falls when i'm tired if you are sleepy if you are sick. Thanks to DXN products, it almost never occurs. Since it is not possible to calculate in the morning, when I get home with my dogs, when they finish doing their job, no matter how strict rules I keep, my morning is a rush.

    Unfortunately, this is very stressful. Already before going to work when I sit in the car I am tired either neurally, or physically, or both. Super, huh? After work, being even more tired I can not really hang out. I do some shopping on the way home, but I gotta come back home again to walk them. Till the last time I walk at night from the afternoon walk, time flies by so fast that I do not even notice it. At 10 PM having to take 3 dogs to the "toilet" ... well, noone would be missing this fun in my opinion.

    It's possible to live like this for a while it, but for me it was about 2 years ago when I psyched out. I have had enough of this squirrel wheel. Not only from the aspect of the dogs, but with all-in-all everything. It’s been for 4 years now since we have been living in this apartment with my dogs and I feel a very burning need for a family house. This costs nowhere near a dollar and I do not want to lower the bar, I will not step back at the age of 40. I want a nice, modern house with a garden, where it is not the digestion of my dogs that dictate my everyday life. And I do not want this house anywhere. I wanna buy a Balaton lakeshore house.

    I can not go anywhere from my dogs even for a day. Not talking about luxury holidays here. I can not even do that I leave home in the morning and I'm back in the evening, because I have to take them to down to do their business in the afternoon. Show less
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