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  • Crane Removal - Timelapse

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    The video that kicked off more than one would have expected...

    @denyerpro :

    Pfred ( )posted a photo to the /r/photography IRC channel but wasn't happy because of the crane. I said I could take it out for him, he laughed, 2 hours later and the crane is history. There were a few more bits to do, but I hit my self imposed time limit so left it there.

    If you came here from Petapixel :
    Cool beans, I imagine it was a slow news day, sorry.

    If you came here from Gizmodo :
    They didn't contact me, and I have no idea what the 'Special Trick' is - you got clickbaited, sorry, but the fact you're here is the very reason they keep writing those shitty clickbait headlines... There is no special trick, just cloning, frequency separation, reference images and some common sense.

    If you came here from DesignTaxi:
    They were even slower to rip off Petapixel than Gizmodo. I have no idea what they wrote, I've not looked. Again, sorry you got clickbaited, stop clicking clickbait and they'll stop writing it.

    Pfred asked, I obliged. Made the video so he could see how I did it, didn't bother narrating it because we chatted about it on IRC and I didn't expect anyone else to bother watching it.

    But But But The Reflection! :
    I know. I set myself a time limit, if I'd had 30 more minutes that would have been first up against the wall, there are some other minor details I'd fix, too.

    WTF, Bing?
    Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. For this particular search Bing returned far more relevant and far many more varied and high quality images than Google. I think I'll be using Bing from here out as it was a lot less spammy and was a lot more useful. Down with the haters!

    What's with the knobbish ".pro" ? Special offer on .pro TLD's and the guy who owns the .com wanted $30k. #NeverGonnaHappen.

    WTF is this crap trending? Because people keep clicking on it and leaving comments like "WTF is this crap trending", funnily enough :D

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