• GUY CATCHES FISH WITH IPHONE - real or fake?

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    In this episode of #realorfake, we cover a video where a guy claims to catch a fish using nothing more than an Iphone for a lure.

    We also take a look at an odd video with a strange ghost, a video that claims to show rain falling in just one spot, and new sighting of possible alien craft on google earth.

    The Bubblegum monsters are back to dissect a ghost video and give us a little tutorial on how to fake our own ghost video.

    Add to that some #sofakitsfunny and you have a jammed packed show!


    MY INBOX for Real or Fake Submissions billschannel@gmail.com
    *For my own mental health, this is the only place I accept submissions. Please, no submissions in comments section.




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    As posted in the description of the How Ridiculous channel, If you've got an iPhone that's destroyed beyond repair, why not use it as a fishing lure!? It just might work!"

    Now that idea sounds really crazy. But is it possible? Watch us as we deconstruct the video to see if it is real or fake!

    The video was sent in by theasssinkid, ArravIncredible, and PattyPaddington66,

    It starts out with a guy ( Brett Stanford) walking down the beach telling us he likes fishing and shows us an Iphone… but wait a second. The Iphone he shows us is black, but a few seconds later, we see the phone on the hook but it's silver?

    He walks down to the water’s edge and prepares to cast out. But hold on - there is something strange going on here too. At first we see a guy out in the water doing something, but then there is an edit and now the guy in the water is gone?

    The iphone gets cast out, and he starts reeling it in at 32 seconds into the video… then at exactly 40 seconds, he pulls the rod up and yells, I’m on!

    I don’t know about you… but 8 seconds? That’s awfully fast. Too fast! Like miracle fast.

    He starts reeling it in and then at 1:02 the video speeds up quite a bit until 1:09 where is slows again. And it kinda goes like this until he finally gets the fish up on the beach at about 2 minutes into the video.

    Now this is where I started running into REAL complications… I mean we do see the fish was hooked. But we are not shown any bite marks on the Iphone itself.

    To be honest, I was about to give up on this one, but then it suddenly dawned on me. What I really need to be looking at is the fish. I mean, if we can figure out what kind of fish this is, then we can look up it’s behavioral traits and see if it is the kind of fish that would even be capable of going after an Iphone for lunch.

    I checked the description box in the video but unfortunately, it didn’t identify the fish… other than it was a just a fish. Uh huh… little coverup maybe?

    Finally, I sent an email to one of the best fishing experts I know…and that is how I came up with this, the official answer…

    But if you are part of the real or fake army you know we have a tradition here… I can’t tell you what’s going on in here until you tell me what’s going on in there!


    Patrick Koning sent in this latest strange find on google earth… Patrick, I really appreciate you sending in the actual google earth coordinates on this one, but thanks to some quick work by Chewy Piranha researchers Shelby Leanne and Eric Rivera, we know this isn’t anything alien. It’s just a salmon farm which are popular in this part of South America.

    Next we have Next we have a strange ghost video sent in by AmogheChowdhury. When I first saw it I was like “so fake it’s funny but then something very strange and ghost like happens. Luckily Peter Butler and Stuart Carpenter from the Bubblegummonsters channel were kind enough to dismantle this video and show us how really spooky ghost videos can be done.

    Also in the episode, we cover a viral video seen over 60 million times about a bizarre event in Nigeria. The video shows a rain downpour that appears to just fall in one very small and concentrated area. Is this the sign that the world is about to come to the end? Or is it something else. We got you covered. Show less
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