• First Photo of Dome Firmament Above Flat Earth

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    How is it possible? I got the first photo of THE biblical dome! Well, the first PUBLICALLY AVAILABLE one. It is something you can do too! I first believed it was there, so I thought it would be possible, and knew high-altitude balloons approached the surface of the Dome Firmament. I believed if it indeed is there, the camera only had to point up, which usually happens when the balloon "pops". I where's disappointed at first as nothing seem to show him the screenshots but then I processed the image with different values for exposure brightness contrast and more.

    WOW, it worked!

    The images are amazing, even mystical, and I haven't ascertained everything in them yet. How does one negate pareodelia? By posting on youtube and reading comments, of course!

    It obviously has a grid pattern. I didn't know if I'd ever see anything to corroborate my discovery. But I saw something that is apparently the EXACT SAME GRID! It appeared on Youtube just after this image was originally posted a couple months ago by another Youtuber who copied it from a forum (no problem! You're welcome). Hence, the creation of this video, now that I'm sure. Show less
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    UAP Channel's own select videos for expanding your horizons on the flat earth. Don't watch if you wish to live on a ridiculous sphere, oblate spheroid, or anything spinning around the Sun, be it shaped like a potato, or maybe a pear (their words). UAP Channel is here to help stop spinning through meaningless space, just watch these videos, the event horizon of NASA's evolution of lies is within reach. Truths of the Flat Earth are the real event horizon for the heliocentric universe of deception, and they are eye-level, you just have to open them and look!
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    The funny, weak moments in Space Fakery
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    Not your typical authoritarian mandatory science lessons. True science has been purposely maligned, but not here. Fake shit gets horribly maligned here without mercy. Those of us who have already had enough manipulation by devilish lies foisted upon us from every side find refuge in unbreakable reasoning. Science that is repeatable, reproducible, and logical, proves the world which we have been presented is a lie. Fantastic truth and the evidence supporting it has been hidden, even destroyed by the very institutions who purport to serve us on the subject. Using our own senses and research (with an open mind, fighting the programming,) we find reliable, testable and consistent proofs verifying that which we learned as ancient civilizations! God's Creation is what it is. Deal with reality here, have courage, my friends. Knowing The truth of the world you live in and being free from the lies is an euphoric high like none other!
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    Look at me, I am the smartest person and I'm hip, yo! You are just an accident of the universe, which cares even less about your life than me, Neil Tyson (as if!). You can call me Neil degrasse Tyson, because I'm a presumptuous ass. Here's how this works for me. You hear how I am among the utmost elite authority in science, and then I tell you stuff, and you believe it without question. Even if you're not making money doing this, it is a good gig. As long as you idiots out there keep believing the stuff I say you never actually check it out for yourselves because if you did you'd realize that I'm wrong about almost everything I push. I am an actor. I am wrong so much that if you thought about it you'd wonder if I am only pushing the ideas that are foisted upon humanity to keep you in check. I look upon your religions with disdain. Your traditional, orthodox views are fodder for my ridicule in public. If you adore me, I ridicule you privately, moron. I'm a propagandist, lying, stranger, clown with access and support for endless hours of lying about God, who I hate. I will tell you he doesn't exist, though. Evolution, millions, billions, Einstein, gravity, Big Bang, CERN, NASA, are science and they verify themselves to be truer than your belief that you are better than a monkey. Guess what, your universe and your life are meaningless, but I'm important.Yes, and most of all I'm a punk bitch.
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