• UE4: Good-Looking Randomization for Procedural Buildings

    113,924 views 2 years ago
    Learn shader methods for adding variation to modular meshes, both instanced and static. Plus a Houdini micro-tut inside ;)
    Download project files: http://cbr.sh/od53nz

    00:05 Overview
    03:34 Houdini
    07:57 Blueprint
    14:22 Shader
    14:40 Cell noise, texture packing
    16:40 Mixing (Lerp)
    18:00 Height-based dirt
    18:26 Remap function
    21:16 Vertex color-based effects
    22:55 Random colors
    24:34 Hiding items
    27:08 Local position offset
    29:20 Shader screenshot

    Big thanks to reviewers:
    Mikołaj Fabjański - https://mfabjanski.blogspot...
    Alexander Gajek - https://www.artstation.com/...... Show less
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      Learn shader methods for adding variation to modular meshes, both instanced and static. Plus a Houdini micro-tut inside ;)
      Download project files: http://cbr.sh/od53nz

      00:05 Overview
      03:34 Houdini...
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