• 01-01: Introduction

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    Learn how to build an advanced form component with VueJs. Show less
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  • Mailing list filter and import with Laravel Play all

    Learn how to code a component that filters uploaded csv file and removes any records with invalid or duplicate email address before importing it to the database using Laravel.
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  • Horizontal feed with VueJs and Sass Play all

    In this course we will build a horizontal news feed using VueJs and Sass. We'll compile our files with Webpack and Babel using laravel-mix package.

    Exercise files are available at: https://github.com/ssd-tutorials/vue-horizontal-feed
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  • Authentication component with PHP Play all

    During this course we'll learn how to build a simple framework with functionality to register new account, login, reset password and restrict access to sections of our website.

    Exercise files available at: https://github.com/ssd-tutorials/register-login-reset-res...
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  • PHP from the ground up : Fundamentals Play all

    This is the Season 1 of the series of courses on how to become a PHP programmer.

    In this season we will cover the absolute basics and learn how to program using Procedural PHP in order to build a simple website.

    During this series we will learn how to:

    Set up local environment (install all required software on your computer)
    Use PHP documentation to learn about what PHP offers
    Learn basic programming terminology and PHP syntax
    Publish the completed project to the web server
    This course is for those who want to learn new skill and take their first step in web programming with PHP. It will give you the solid understanding of basic concepts and prepare you for Season 2 where we will discover Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with PHP.

    Exercise files are available at: https://github.com/ssd-tutorials/php-from-the-ground-up-f...
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  • Shopping List with AngularJS, PHP and SQLite Play all

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Shopping List - responsive web application which you can access from any device.

    You will learn how to:

    Create the form to add new items to your shopping list
    Display all items in the shopping list
    Mark items as completed
    Option to print the entire list
    Option to remove completed items
    Create responsive layout for your application to access it from your mobile while shopping
    Write tests for your AngularJs module and all its services and methods
    All this using:

    PHP with PDO
    SQLite database
    Zurb Foundation 5
    Jasmine behavior-driven testing framework

    Exercise files are available at: https://github.com/ssd-tutorials/shopping-list
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  • Secure Online Contact Form with Attachment Play all

    In this series you will learn how to build an Ajax based Contact form with attachment. The form will allow users to upload multiple files and send them together with their enquiry.

    We will learn how to use three different PHP libraries in order to accomplish this task, these are: PHPMailer, SwiftMailer and Zend Mail.

    For the file upload we will be using the jQuery upload plugin called Uploadify. We will learn how to secure the uploaded content and how to remove the outdated files from the server using PHP.

    This tutorial also covers distribution to multiple recipients and two layered form validation (client and server side).

    Exercise files available at https://github.com/ssd-tutorials/contact-form-attachment
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