Hello! I’m Penny – thanks for visiting my channel! 
Hello! I’m Penny – thanks for visiting my channel! 

I’m a blogger, vlogger & freelance writer from Essex (UK), with a love for animals, adventure and spending more money than I should.

At the start of 2017, my other half (Ben) and I decided we wanted to start making a record of our life – something for us to look back on when we’re old and grey and for future generations of our family to watch too. My parents used to make family videos when I was younger and to be able to sit down and watch them, and see our family as we once were, is something I think is so special, and I want to be able to do the same with our life in decades to come.

I’m not out there aiming to be a big YouTube star, I just want to capture moments to look back on in the future. (If you’re watching this in years to come…. Hey future grand kids!)

I can't promise I’ll always be entertaining, but I’ll always be 100% myself.

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Enquiries:  info@apennyforthem.co.uk
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