• 6 Things You Didn't Know About Rapture (Bioshock)

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    Deep beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean lies a city of paradise. Rapture is home to some of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world. Rapture is a place where dreams come true and lives are changed forever. There’s no place you’d rather be, than under the sea. This is… 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Rapture (Bioshock)

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    6 Things You Didn’t Know About Rapture (Bioshock) (in text form)

    6. Early concepts for the Inner Persephone level in Bioshock 2 showed that the Therapy Rooms that housed the Little Sisters would also have housed Little Brothers. They would have been failed experiments, mainly due to their aggression. Although the Little Brothers were never made, the condition of the main ward does appear as fitting to the concept, as one side of the room appears nearly destroyed, with beds tossed around, and a gaping small hole made above the ceiling of its unreachable central walkway.

    5. In Deco Devolution: The Art of BioShock 2, the Adonis Luxury Resort level in Bioshock 2 is known as Prelude. The game files actually refers to it as "prelude2," as another introductory level was originally planned before being scratched. It would have featured a playable scene set during the 1958 New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball, similar to the game's introduction cutscene.

    4. Outer Persephone in Bioshock 2 was originally intended as a gossamer-draped "Eden" envisioned by Sofia Lamb. When she took over Persephone, she intended a communal atmosphere, but went to the extreme with the soft and friendly design to a point where it became "terrifying and single-minded". Concept art shows library reading rooms, a dining hall, abstract marble sculptures, and a sewing area to create the drapes. What the Little Sisters see is essentially what it would have looked like.

    3. The level name “Arcadia" in the first Bioshock was inspired by the Latin phrase "Et in Arcadia ego", which translates to "Even in Arcadia I exist" spoken by Death personified. The Utopian vision, Arcadia, is associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony so the phrase is a reminder that even in paradise things die, which ironically could be a reference to Rapture itself. Early in development for the level Andrew Ryan was intended to say this phrase just before releasing the poison into the level. According to a blog post by Bioshock developer Jean-Paul LeBreton, Ryan’s line was later cut from the game, but the name of the level remained.

    2. A quote by Hogarth de la Plante, Lead Environment Artist of 2K Marin in the Deco Devolution artbook explains more of Bioshock 2’s Pauper’s Drop level’s origins: "Pauper's Drop is a district that is under the tracks or under the Brooklyn Bridge or something like that. It's somewhere people are living where they weren't originally supposed to live. We came up with the idea of the Atlantic Express Train System that permeates BioShock 2. You go through all the train stations, but there was also a maintenance switch yard on the ocean floor where trains would stop to be worked on. But then at some point Sinclair realized that there was all this real estate down there that nobody was using for anything so he sublet or purchased it from Atlantic Express and built a low income housing area literally down under the Atlantic Express tracks.”

    1. The Rapture Zoo was an area that was intended to be included in the first BioShock as a part of Fort Frolic. Multiple interviews with developers of the game mention that this was a level that was ultimately cut fairly far along in the design process due to time constraints, and they indicate that it was one of the things they most regretted having to cut. Not much is known about the Zoo apart from concept work, but the only concrete information comes from an interview that mentions that it would have included an elephant. Show less
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