• LiteHawk MONSTER 4x4 | Off-Road Paradise

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    Welcome to MONSTER 4x4! We take this all-terrain beast to an off-road paradise for some epic fun! Will it be able to handle all the challenges this terrain has to offer? Come and find out!

    ----Spring 2017 Contest----
    Can you name the location where this video was filmed?
    First AND MOST correct response wins a Monster 4x4.
    You have until the end of March to participate.. :)

    You must have a YT account to participate -- you will be contacted through your account.

    Traversing the gap between toy and hobby grade off-road R/C - MONSTER 4x4 brings many features usually only seen on top-tier vehicles! High strength metal parts, adjustable suspension, saddle-pack battery layout with quick access tabs, central motor position, modular servo with servo saver, and much more! Racing off road, at a skate park - or in your own back yard - MONSTER 4x4 is the perfect choice! Our ready-to-run Monster Truck delivers power seamlessly through a durable 4 wheel drive system, giving you consistent traction! High travel suspension lets you explore rocky terrain with ease!

    Easily hit speeds of 35 km/h (22 mph)
    Saddle pack battery design
    Front universal drive shaft
    Fully independant pivot-ball suspension
    Cross pin wheel adapter
    Front and rear differentials
    Adjustable shock angles
    Modular chassis design
    Metal Differential Gear
    High impact composite bumpers
    Servo saver included!
    Polycarbonate body shell
    2.4Ghz Digital Controller with soft steering wheel and fully proportional control.
    Bonus Parts Pack Includes: Front and rear shock tower, front universal driveshafts, rear drive shafts, front steering knuckles, rear uprights, rear wheel axles, body clips, rear skid plate, differential drive cups.
    Soft rubber tires with foam inserts
    Rechargeable battery and wall mount charger included Show less
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