• GRIMM TRAILER - 35 Years Later

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    It's been 35 years since the winter of 1982 and George, Matt & Tamarack now spend their weekends separately; each at a different stage in their lives. Even though the night on the river bank repeats within them like a skipping record, each vowed to leave Harper's Hill and all that transpired far behind them, but when a phone call reveals that their old friend Luke Lawrence has died the three old friends must work together once again and ask themselves the ultimate question; is knowing the truth worth dying for?

    A lone FBI agent eager to cut the truth from Harper's Hill, a mysterious man with an unknown purpose, a dark and terrible secret within Harper's Hill all come to fruition within the next part of the GRIMM story. Chapters 4, 5 & 6 will take place 35 years after the initial three parts of GRIMM and will bring back three long lost friends and the mystery of Harper's Hill.

    GRIMM is fantasy Role Playing game released by Fantasy Flight Games. The current version is a standalone game using the Linear D6 system however this 10 Part Campaign will not be using the established universe GRIMM offers. Instead this campaign will utilize the mechanics and rules of Call of Cthulhu and craft an entirely new world to tell its story. Heavy inspired by films of the 80’s dealing with adolescence, GRIMM will be an entirely unique experience with plenty of twists and turns.

    The INVICTUS Stream consists of four best friends: Harlan Guthrie, Mycl Barber, Justin James & Chris Viseau who enjoy gaming in all its forms. Each host has their own unique personality and GMing style, bringing their own ideas about what an RPG is and how a story is told. Almost two years ago we started INVICTUS so that regardless of distance we could still sit together around a virtual table and do what we love.

    When starting INVICTUS our Goal was twofold: First and foremost we want to entertain. We choose games and stories that we enjoy so that the way we play and the joy we have will always come first for the simple principal that if we're not having fun - it won't be very fun to watch. Using this as a rule we've logged almost 300+ hours of Role Playing Adventures for you to watch and enjoy along with us - games that we sincerely enjoyed playing.

    Secondly; we encourage YOU the Community to change the way we play. Changing the way we play first involves earning XP - something we give out which totals to 3XP on a weekly basis during the Live Stream.

    Our style may be unscripted, unorthodox and sometimes unfiltered but it's our vision and the way we play games together. So sit back, enjoy yourself. Have a lark or a laugh - grab a drink and play along as we continue to do our very best to entertain you.
    See You 'Round The Table!

    If you’d like to submit artwork, receive our mailing address or would just like to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!

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