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    Last week, we put together a little VR experience for our friends and family back home this holiday season.
    For each Christmas or New Years Party that we went to, we brought our hardware along with us, and asked everybody to help decorate our virtual tree.
    The experience had a tree in it, as well as a box of a bunch of ornaments that you could put on that tree, and, a custom ornament creation station.
    To be honest, we were a bit nervous about a few things. Would the grandparents figure the controls out? Would it come off as too antisocial? ...but, the response far exceeded our expectations.

    "Gosh, I love the moon and the snow~"
    "*gasp* So just like that? OHH SWEET. I love this."
    "That is cool."
    "That's a lot of fun!"
    "Oh, look at that! That's so cool!"
    "It's beautiful!"

    At each get-together, we hooked up the computer to a TV so that everybody in the room could watch what the person with the headset was seeing and doing.
    It turned into this social back-and-forth, where the people on the sidelines were talking to the decorator, and they were heckling them back. Despite the fact that this was a one-player video game, it really brought everybody together.
    This year's winter holiday was very magical, and definitely unforgettable. We really look forward to sharing this experience with you all next winter, when these headsets are available for everybody.
    Here's to 2016 and VR!
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