• Charles Luck Ft Tino Red - Is The Galaxy Pimping Me? (Lisa Mitchell Tribute)

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    Living in
    a tragic riddle
    Mixed Up Like
    A Bag Of Skittles

    Planets Getting
    All the lines
    are getting scribbled

    in the middle
    The Galaxy
    Is getting brittle
    But The Stars Still Shine On
    Twinkle Twinkle


    Did I just see a star wink at me?
    Is the Galaxy just pimping me?
    Am I the only soul that knows
    that were all bones in the same chicken wing?

    Does every road I choose to go
    go somewhere that’s this sickening?

    Is there another path to take
    we're people live wine dine and mate
    but the people live eyes wide awake?

    Life is kind
    of like a nipple
    suck it up
    or bite a little

    Livings like
    flipping a nickle
    into a pond
    just watch the ripples
    Even though my pencil's widdled
    Souls still strong
    too tough to chisel
    Stars Still Shine On
    Twinkle Twinkle

    Verse 2:

    I hope I don't get tazed today
    the world's split like a razorblade
    I stay inside and daze for days
    With my windows shut in case it rains

    All this pain
    I'm afraid I'll waste away

    Is the Galaxy a baking cake that
    will just explode one day and
    blast away every soul in the whole entire Milky Way?

    And rip my face to outer space?
    Let's come together just in case ok?

    Galax-y Pimping Me
    Galax-y Pimping Me
    Galax-y Pimping Me

    Galax-y Pimping Me
    Galax-y Pimping Me
    Galax-y Pimping Me

    Put our past in the microwave
    turn the dial up-
    feel the God looking
    down on you from a million MILES up/
    watch it as it melts and quakes and
    falls into a hell of blaze/
    Life can go soooooo many ways
    But your still part of the Human Race
    Listening to A rubrix cube hallucinate.

    So go outside it will be ok
    Let's Live As One And Live TODAY.

    Nibbling on a magic pickle
    fucking fucking fucking fucking


    Is The Galaxy Just Pimping Me?
    I fucking hope not.

    I really fucking hope it isn't Show less
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