• Voracious human ambition | Buffer Festival 2018

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    Thanks for being a part of Buffer Festival 2018.

    Buffer Festival is the only YouTube film festival in the world. Events during the 4-day festival include video premieres, educational workshops, an industry conference, awards, galas, red carpets, a press junket, networking, and more.


    This video was filmed and edited by Bryan Fransico
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  • Empowerment & Acceptance (2018 premieres) Play all

    Insecure by Raya Encheva
    These Moments by Iz Harris
    Derangeante by Lysandre Nadeau
    Stop Wishing by Monica Gold
    The Men I Know by Meghan Hughes
    1 in 2 by Julie Vu
    Naked by Breanne Williamson
    Soaring by Shannon Boodram
    Disability and Relationships Roundtable by Hannah Witton
    A Day for Margaret by Meghan Tonjes
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  • Documentaries and Mockumentaries (2018 Premieres) Play all

    #Poetry by Ariel Bissett
    Blinders by Zach Ramelan
    Population 0 by Josh Young
    Daily Docs by Justin Escalona
    Yay! We Got a Brand Deal by Candice Hutchings
    A Day in the Life by Sara Dietschy
    Beyond Borders (Chapter 1) by Louis Cole
    Sedra by Sura Mallouh
    Female Founded: Lauren Farleigh by Shelby Church
    The Madeira Story by Shelby Church
    Go Fist Yourself by Stevie Boebi
    40: A Documentary about Family by Gaby Dunn
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  • LGBTQ+ (2018 Premieres) Play all

    Fighting for Pride by Riyadh Khalaf
    Searching for Love by Justin Gerhard
    Silver Light by Fred Kuhr and Brad McDermott
    Life in Transit by Stephanie Frosch
    Being Bisexual: Your Stories by Alayna Fender
    5 Years Later: Non-Monogamy, Insecurities & Regrets by Michael Rizzi
    They Dance/ a nonbinary pas de deux by Ava Gordy
    Elles: Being Non-Binary and Latinx by Ashley Wylde
    Bad Words by Stef Sanjati
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  • Comedy (2018 Premieres) Play all

    The Most Important Video I'll Ever Make by Eddy Burback
    Crayons by Gus Johnson
    Hashtag Apocalypse by Julie Nolke
    Snapchat Kidnap by Trophy Husbands
    American Whoopee by Shipwrecked Comedy
    Who Threw That by Jack and Dean
    Sam Kills Christmas by Thomas Ridgewell
    Out of the Frying Pan by Sabrina Cruz
    The Group Text by Max Weisz
    The Saughngs in the Key of TV by The Valley Folk
    The Dating Game by Laura Bubble
    Finding Yourself with Adrian Bliss by Adrian Bliss
    I Turned My Mom's House into a Frat by Elle Mills
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  • Music (2018 Premieres) Play all

    All My Love by Landon Austin
    Surrender by Malinda Kathleen Reese
    Over The Rainbow by Nick Pitera
    Freewheeling by Ali SPagnola
    Don't Be A by Whitney Avalon
    I Am Not A Rapper by Fred Bastien
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Gregory Brothers
    (Official dodie Music Video) by Sammy Paul
    No Sudden Moves by Julia Nunes
    Familiar by Jon Cozart
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  • Short Films (2018 Premieres) Play all

    Dolor by Anna Akana
    Brace Face by Scarlett Rose Turner
    Whale Hello There by Chantel Houston
    Where Are You by Sorelle Amore
    She's A Dime by Shoyu Films
    Lost in Darkness by Spankie "SWOOP" Valentine
    A Japanese Dream by JR Alli
    Sisters of House Black (preview) by Hannah Snow and Kelsey Ellison
    Lions Don't Swim by Jonah Green
    Anxious by Hazel Hayes
    Displacement by Dom fera
    Vantage Points by Wong Fu Productions
    The Receipt by Tim H
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  • Buffer Festival LA (2018 Premieres) Play all

    Videos will be added as they are uploaded

    Michael Murphy - Maxine The Hero
    Leigh Lahav - Five Stage of Watching a Star Wars Movie
    Raya Encheva - Women of the World Morning Routines
    Jon Cozart - After Ever After 3
    Matthew Santoro - Live Streaming - My 90-Year-Old Roommate
    Dom Fera - Cover
    Gus Johnson - Yeah, I'm In The Industry
    Shannon Boodram - Did You Sexually Assault Me?
    Corey Vidal - Remembering
    Louis Cole - Beyond Borders trailer
    Anna Akana - When I've Wanted To Die
    Hannah Witton - Photoshoot Behind The Scenes
    Tim H - Don't You Know
    Nicola Foti - Space + Time
    Anna Brisbin - Spooky Games
    Sabrina Cruz - The Sourtoe Cocktail
    Dodie Clark - Arms Unfolding - Buffer exclusive
    Elle Mills - Burnt Out at 19
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  • Buffer Festival 2017 Award Show Play all

    Good Run by Andrew Huang - Winner: Excellence in Production
    A Part of You by Ollie Ritchie - Winner: Excellence in Editing
    Lose Some Weight by Chantel Houston - Winner: Excellence in Inspiration
    My Mama Wears Timbs by Ari Fitz - Winner: Excellence in Diversity
    East of Eden by VagaBrothers - Winner: Excellence in Cinematography
    Orla Gartland Inevitable Live by Ciaran OBrien - Winner: Excellence in Sound (not yet live)
    CHOICE by Melanie Murphy - Winner: Excellence in Cultural Experience
    PrankMe by Hazel Hayes - Winner: Excellence in Storytelling
    We've All Been There by Tim H - Winner: Excellence in Writing
    Content by Dom Fera - Winner: Excellence in Writing
    A Documentary by Adrian Bliss - Winner: Excellence in Comedy
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  • Buffer Festival 2016: Gala Play all

    These 20 videos were premiered at the 2016 Buffer Festival Gala Award Show on October 21, 2016.
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