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    Learn how to perform cool bar tricks that you can use to impress your friends, the ladies or win cash or drinks. These bar trick tutorials are shown step-by-step so that anyone can do them. Find out how to do simple bar tricks, card bar tricks, coin bar tricks, magic tricks and more...
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  • Bar Etiquette NO-NOs Series - How NOT to Act at the Club Play all

    A series of funny bar videos meant to educate the general bar-going public on what not to do when they're at the club. Bar etiquette NO-NOs will save you the embarrassment of learning club etiquette the hard way - from an irate bartender or bouncer.
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  • How to Bartend - Bartending Tutorials & Bartender Tricks Play all

    Whether you're just getting into bartending or you've been behind the wood for awhile now, you'll learn a thing or two from these bartending tutorials. From how to cut fruit, how to pour draught and mixed drinks to how to fan napkins and pour 3 shots at the same time. Increase your tips by increasing your knowledge!
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