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    Published on Dec 1, 2015
    Chris Burns at Ignite Memphis, Vol. 9. November 23, 2015 at the Halloran Centre in Memphis, TN.
    I submitted my book The 30 Day Project (http://amzn.to/2130Fzh) as something that could help inspire Memphians. The Ignite crew selected my project and I was able to share the stage with a group of fantastic presenters who were discussing topics that were both entertaining and empowering.

    This was one of the coolest experiences I've had. The video was originally posted on the Ignite Memphis page. I thought it would be good that those people who are not local and who follow my page should have a chance to check it out.

    The speech didn't go how I wanted it to since I had transitions in the power point that weren't included, but it forced me to be creative and I think it turned out alright.
    Business books:
    1 Hour to Wealth http://amzn.to/29s6y7Q
    F--k Speeches and Inspiration: Where Do I Get the Money to Start http://amzn.to/29l5djr
    CBP website: http://www.cbpublish.com
    ARCH website: http://www.arch-usa.com Show less
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  • Verifying Authenticity of Kicks Play all

    These videos are not reviews of the shoes. What I'm trying to do is show you what the shoe looks like, give you the UPC and any small cues to make sure your pair is authentic. I hope it helps.
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  • Insider Ties Play all

    Insider Ties is a series that takes on the business side of sneakers. I talk about marketing, stocks, and various business topics related to the sneaker culture. The goal is to empower sneakerheads to be more than just collectors. The series is based on the ARCH-USA sites Business Talk and Insider Ties topics. Visit the site at http://www.arch-usa.com
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  • Business Lectures Play all

    A few of these videos are from a lecture on creating a website/business and became the basis of my book One Hour To Wealth (www.cbpublish.com)
    Location: University of Memphis Fogelman School of Business (2011). The other videos are talk shows with Housakicks owner Tayib. They are very detailed breakdowns of the topics.
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    This is my business channel where I do Q&A, and try to help people who are just getting started in business.
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    The BBZ is an online course I offered for the first time this Spring 2016. It's free a full of great info for those who want to start a business, but don't have the capital. The website is www.cbpublish.com/bbz
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    The Car Chronicles can take place at any time. I'm in the car everyday doing a lot of business. I decided to take topics that affected me during the day and discuss them. It's a part of the WIDRN series, but will be recorded in the car and added to this playlist.
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    I started doing these videos before I did the BBZ. They fit right into my decision to give as much information to people as possible.
    • WIDRN Episode 17: How Do I Publish a Book? - Duration: 15 minutes.

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      Got a question from Ms. Lina about how to approach a book she created during her internship in grad school. I answered the question and also clarified the different aspects of publishing while conn...
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      I guess this is Part 3 in the series about starting a business, but it's not a continuation of the last two episodes. This episode takes on the idea of starting a business without having any money ...
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      I was going to name this Deviation because it's less in line with the last two videos. This video is really about the loss of an opportunity in starting a business. I used to say Blogging was a gre...
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      I'm finally back to discussing how to start a business with zero dollars. Now this is not groundbreaking, but sometimes it helps to hear a different execution of a strategy. I'm in the process of f...
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    I ran a successful Kickstarter in 2014. This doesn't make me an expert but this is a Q&A I gave someone who asked some questions. Check it out.
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    We took a visit to Vegas recently so I decided to shoot video. Check it out if you've never visited and if you want to see a few cool restaurants and locations.
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