• Why is Amma making everyone cry: Vidya Balan

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    On the occasion of Amma's Mumbai visit 2019, actor Vidya Balan along with Amma distributed sarees to the ladies of Ransai village in Panvel District, which is one of the 101 villages adopted by #Amma #Amrita #Amritaworld
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    Addressing the gathering, which was spread both inside and outside the Math, Amma said, “Technology is a good servant but a dangerous master. For many people, relationships have become confined to the numbers in the phone. We no longer value seeing each other face to face. When our relationships with the world are defined solely through machines, we pawn our very consciousness to the unconscious machine. We should use machines and love people. We must never allow the hallmark of our society to become ‘Use people and love machines.’”

    “The more space we create in our heart for others, the more happiness and contentment we feel. The law of the universe, and of life, is selflessness. This is why selfish and egoistic people are unable to enjoy life wholeheartedly and be happy: because their behaviour is out of tune with the law of the universe. Everything in this creation unfolds to the same tune and rhythm. Understanding this, when we align ourselves with this law, peace, happiness and prosperity automatically become ours,” she added.

    Speaking from the dais, #VidyaBalan said, “I have been an ardent devotee of Amma since I was a child, and her way to dealing with situation through love has always fascinated me. Often I used to wonder as to why so many people throng to hear her in large numbers, but later I realised that devotees are bowled over by her simplicity and love. Amma’s religion is the religion of love, and it is around this philosophy I am trying to lead my life. To me, Amma is Love Incarnate, the Universal Mother who cradles the world in her all-encompassing embrace.” Show less
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    • Why is Amma making everyone cry: Vidya Balan - Duration: 99 seconds.

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      On the occasion of Amma's Mumbai visit 2019, actor Vidya Balan along with Amma distributed sarees to the ladies of Ransai village in Panvel District, which is one of the 101 villages adopted by #Am...
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