• Nationwide Sudden Floods: Learn Where the Water Comes From

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    This isn’t conspiracy theory. This is science. When the NWS shows a picture of John Amos Power Plant literally manufacturing clouds, in the same manner I show thousands of power plants doing exactly the same thing every single day, the opportunity to dismiss me and my work, is officially over.


    Which meteorologist is going to be the first to apologize to me for ten years of mockery, suppression, and insults?

    As I said in the video, it’s like being the only person on the planet who sees the sun rise and set every day, while the “meteorologists” claim the sun doesn’t exist at all. Every day the meteorologists blatantly lie about where all of this water vapor comes from, as illustrated with the insulting monsoon coverage.

    Anyone with eyes in their head can see that this water does NOT come from the Pacific, the Gulf of California, or the Gulf of Mexico at all, yet that is what meteorologists continuously try to claim. This isn’t opinion or ‘theory’ up for debate. Meteorologists saying water vapor comes from the gulf + daily visible proof that it comes from In-Place On-Land Rapid Evaporation = Meteorologists are lying.

    Since I’m the only one in the entire “geoengineering truth,” Climate Change, or Global Warming communities who has been explaining this daily visible reality for a decade, and the only one proving how it is responsible for every single severe flood and storm on planet Earth, that = I’m the only one telling the truth. Again, it’s not a debatable point. A+B=C.

    So if you are interested in the actual truth of climate collapse and the daily manufactured weather to cover it up, this work is simply the only source there is. In my new teachable.com school, I’ll be compiling all of this information in one easy to navigate location, and as a source to prove the reality once and for all. Those who enroll now will also get access to new advanced sections as they are added. With this tool, not only will you learn to understand the weather as clearly as you understand sunrise, the documents, resources, and videos will easily allow you to convince anyone else as well.

    So, the “conspiracy” myth is officially over. We are just talking about science now. Time to stop pretending 62,500 power plants don’t drive the weather, water, and flood cycle, and it is time to understand why. How meteorologists plan to explain their lies and total deception of their own species, is entirely on them. If you want the facts, this is the only place to be.

    Understanding Severe Weather, Climate Change, and Global Warming - Made Easy


    Please support the continuation of this singular source of manmade weather and climate reality, by any of the means below.


    Geoengineering Truth Store

    Global Flash Flood Destruction Documentary - GoFundMe Campaign:

    No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101



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  • Midwest Tornado Swarm and Flooding Event (04-27-14 - 05-01-14) Play all

    It's been an exhausting week documenting this never ending disaster, but it obviously could have been worse. I could have been one the millions of people directly impacted by this manufactured event. Another week, another manufactured superstorm, and another part of the country has been scoured clean and washed away... along with the lives and lifetimes of work that belonged to them.

    How long are people going to put up with this? For as long as they continue to have no idea what is happening to them. My viewers are extremely well informed on this eminently provable reality, and if the people of Mayflower, Tupelo, Mobile, Florida, or any of the countless other areas damaged or destroyed were as well informed, I can't see how this could possibly happen again - next week. As the media continues to capitalize on stories of bravery and sacrifice like the young man who held up a concrete wall just long enough for his girlfriend to escape or the Iraq war veteran whose final act was saving the lives of his two daughters, one can only imagine what would happen if the family members, friends, community, and country knew that their senseless deaths and this wholesale destruction was not only not an "Act of God," it could have all been avoided by simply - not making it happen.

    Certainly, that is what we have to find out... what would happen, if these communities, this country, and this planet knew that every superstorm "natural disaster" that happens to them doesn't have to happen - at all. Therefore, making that a reality is the singular most important endeavor we can hope to achieve, and this week has provided enough examples of geoengineering reality that even after five videos on this storm, it's still going to take me another week to complete the set. Take this undeniable evidence and this extraordinary opportunity to illustrate the reality we all face, and help in any way you can to make this awareness reality for all.

    Every week it is clear the geoengineers are learning and developing their methods at an accelerated rate. The people of this planet better be doing the same thing, if is there is to be any hope for a future.

    Please support this continuing independent effort, and propagate this reality.

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  • Introduction to Geoengineering 101 Play all

    "Not sure what I'm looking at half the time." Someone actually sent me that comment - like I'm supposed to personally do something about it. I have over 90 videos detailing the evolution of my understanding of Global Geoengineering for all who want to take the journey, but here are the essential videos required for a thorough understanding of geoengineering components and evidence. Although I try to incorporate as much explanation as possible, I don't have time, energy, or reason to explain every aspect of geoengineering in every single video - and doing so would defeat the purpose. The purpose of these videos is for people to learn what they are looking at, so if you want to understand - you'll have to do the homework.
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  • Geoengineered Winter 2013 - 2014 Play all

    Everyday is groundhog's day at this point. Everyday incredulous 'news' anchors say to their 'Meteorologists' - "Really? More snow?? When will this ever end?!?" and everyday these 'meteorologists' not only have no answer to that question, they can't possibly explain where these thrice weekly storms out of nowhere are originating from.

    There are only two conceivable explanations for that. They are either deliberately lying about planet-wide geoengineering, or they are completely ignorant of reality.

    That is not an arguable fact, for one simple reason. If you study satellite and radar data everyday as I do - and presumably as 'meteorologists' do - the reality of technologically manufactured and controlled weather is entirely inescapable. There isn't a way to look at weather data on a daily basis, and convince yourself that any part of it is "natural." So (as a note to 'meteorologists'), "I didn't know" is not going to be an acceptable excuse, when this reality is widely known.

    For any who doubt this reality, I've compiled the major videos I've produced this winter documenting the geoengineered reality of which I speak, and that the 'meteorologists' cover-up daily. There is nothing remotely mysterious about this record-breaking never-ending winter, and it's all right here for you to see for yourself.

    Please assist in educating the population on what is actually happening to them by sharing this playlist and information - and please support this independent work.

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  • The Big Picture 2.0 Play all

    Funding remains the only impediment to completion of The Big Picture 2.0 Documentary that will compile all of this geoengineering information in a manner and format suitable for educational purposes. Given the exponential increase in massive geoengineered events and the increasingly obvious global chemtrailing program saturating the atmosphere and our bodies with innumerous horrific components, I refuse to believe there aren't people with resources that are as concerned for the future of this planet and all life on it - as I am. Please assist in the effort to find them.
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  • Psyop Disinformation, Obstruction, and Terrorism Play all

    Understanding the reality of Global Geoengineering isn't the biggest obstacle the population of this planet faces - by a long shot. Dealing with the paid disinformation operatives and terrorists whose singular purpose is to prevent the population from understanding reality is. These people dominate cyberspace on every topic of any importance and systematically attack, intimidate, and threaten anyone who even discusses any of the myriad lies at the root of this broken society. If you speak or seek the truth, you will encounter these people and their myriad sock accounts immediately - whether you are aware of what they are or not. Without a well developed understanding of the motives and tactics used by these shills, perusing the truth in cyberspace on any topic results in nothing but confusion, uncertainty, disillusionment, and fear... which is precisely their intent.
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  • Named Manufactured Storms Play all

    "There hasn't been any natural weather on this planet for a very long time... time to wake up." I mean that quite literally. When you are talking about a geoengineering cycle that has evolving like a caner for over 50 years, there is no longer such a thing as a "natural" storm. Past that conceptual reality, it's extremely easy to prove as well, and if The Weather Channel is naming it before it even exists, it is a guaranteed soon-to-be manufactured storm system. This can be easily observed and illustrated with any given storm, as I have done In this series of videos.
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