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    from Post Millennium Rock to the TTD days.

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  • 2014 Live in Marostica at Festival Show - Introducing Sananda Tour Play all

    My Good Dear Friends,
    During this past summer I was given the opportunity to do a couple of concert appearances for a touring festival featuring the wonderful orchestra of the great Maestro Diego Basso.
    I, like many musicians am always thrilled and honored to be able to work with so many talented and committed artists. One can get spoiled working with so many people (until of course you are responsible for feeding them, in which case you can get Unspoiled Real Quick ;d)
    But Hey, I Wasn’t feeding them, and We All Ate Well!
    We dressed up a few Post Millennium Rock selections with a little Glitter and a Pearl of a Cover in the classic evergreen glow of ‘Body & Soul’, a song that I have idolized since childhood.

    TreeHouse Publishing & SmokeHouse Productions presents for your private perusal (if pleasure permits) this plucked purple plum from the prevailing peach stained pastures and plantations of plenty, and the well aimed arrows of allusive alliteration.
    Enjoy, and THANK YOU!

    01 SIAMO QUI
    05 BODY & SOUL

    This Concert is Dedicated to You and your Dance with Life.


    All songs written by Sananda Maitreya for TreeHouse Publishing, except for ‘Body & Soul’ (written by the inimitable Johnny Green).
    Songs arranged for Orchestra by Diego Basso & Sananda.

    Special thanks to maestro Diego Basso. Thanks to Francesca Francone Maitreya for her support and thanks to our friends at TreeHouse, and to all the professional participants and organizers who made these concert experiences a joy to be a part of. And Thanks to GOD.
    Sananda Maitreya!

    Clothes and Boots by Roberto Cavalli.
    Guitar By Gibson ‘Les Paul Special’.

    P.S. Stay Tuned for further Upcoming Content Announcements!
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  • 2014 Live in Stockholm - Introducing Sananda Tour Play all

    Sananda & the Nudge Nudge Live* in Stockholm Sweden 2014!

    *We were LIVE in Sweden. We don't 'Live' in Sweden, we live in Italy. Just for the record (as well as the CD and Mp3).

    We arrived in the north countries fit to fight. Enea, Nick 'the Sticks' and me, Sananda. The trip started out well enough but by the time we got to the airport in Milano, I could sense that I might encounter problems getting my Pet Hermit Crab through customs. I was right! Despite my explanation that it wasn't 'food' I was carrying, but a favored pet, friend, mentor and confidant. Although the relevant officials were somewhat charmed by my commitment to my crustacean cohort, still I had no choice but to start my journey without my faithful buddy, not the most auspicious sign. So as not to be totally caught out, I sold it to the food court and with a couple of beers as bonus. Turns out that it wasn't so much the Crab that the authorities objected to as the Bucket of Salt Water......

    We played for some people in Stockholm who were invited to see our presentation so as to surmise future participation in our enterprise and to skim some of the foam of skepticism from the beer and their barrels. Far more than several showed, though the concert was in essence a 'showcase' aimed at bringing our northern brothers up to speed on the current situation as time has pressed its breast upon us and exchanged some milk for more miles and memories.

    It was a long haul, the Zugebrian Time Lords and their barking dogs stalked the entire way. They never wasted an opportunity for mischief nor the misdeeds that spring from their seeds. But we stayed focused and took what time gave us. It is always good to spend a little time with the Swedes. They gave us the Vikings and taught us how to watch porn. And it is always a pleasure and privilege to spend a little time with YOU (and your ears and eyeballs)!

    Enjoy our show. It was intended to summarize Post Millennium Rock's last dozen years until now. And don't worry about my good old Pet Hermit Crab. Apparently he in attempting to escape leapt to his demise right into a crab salad, where he was complimented for being so fresh (and where he was complemented WITH a zesty Greek tartar sauce and crisp iceberg lettuce)!

    We disavow any possible mistakes as evidence that the Zugebrian Time Lords have Infiltrated your Waveform and Brainwashed your Mind with Suggestive Negative Subatomic Plasma Particles. They are some sneaky bitches; it's how they roll.

    Sananda Maitreya!

    *Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Matteo 'Sergente' Sandri for TreeHouse Publishing.
    All Songs Written & Arranged by Sananda Maitreya except for where otherwise indicated (Beatles) and performed by Sananda & the Nudge Nudge for TreeHouse Publishing, an Adult Burping affiliated enterprise!

    I would like to thank TreeHouse Publishing for their support as well as Nick Taccori & Enea Bardi for their work and efforts. Thanks to Mattia Pittella and the rest of our crew, thanks to God for seeing us through. And thanks to my wife Francesca for Tech Support!

    P.S. Don't forget to turn off the lights before you leave, and always flush (twice if you're not sure). Thank you for your time. Concert dedicated to the late great masters Jimmy Scott & Bobby Womack. As well as to Queen Silvia. Rock On!

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  • 2013 Live at Festival Show - Sananda Maitreya Play all

    Milan, Oct 25th 2013
    To celebrate our second son's Federico Elvis Maitreya first full year in captivity,
    we release this small clip for your entertainment or background filtering pleasure.
    We had the honour of playing at the Festival Show with the
    'Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica Italiana of Maestro Diego Basso' during this past summer
    in Jesolo - Italy.

    Enjoy Sananda & The Nudge Nudge
    and Happy 1st Birthday Federico!
    ps if at any point I seem distracted, please forgive. I swear several times I thought I saw Waldo!
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  • 2013 Live at the Blue Note Tokyo - Return To Zooathalon Tour Play all


    We were in TOKYO, just in time for Spring to emerge from its Vernal Stupor and for its Transformative blush to greet us with her Flagrant blooms, and the Fragrant flowers which hung from her trees like the Lapping tongue of a Pussy cat, licking its fur for purrs of Satisfaction. No one who has been to Tokyo ever forgets her. She is ancient and coy, Parallel yet Adjacent, modern and brashly bold. She is a Neon Enema. A tempest's foil, an Architect's wet dream. She is the future now! She is the past coiled in the shape of cluttered aspiration. She is lopsided. She grins with buckteeth and moist lips. She is Lancelot's Lady In Linen. She Tickles, She Teases like Topspin, She Asphyxiates. She grinds, and THEN she gives. Her WEEBLES WOBBLE, But They DON'T FALL DOWN. She invited us to come and bring Post Millennium Rock and our passports with us, and we came. Nick, Enea and I, armed only with our RETURN TO ZOOATHALON set list and a few timely Whisky, Lime and Cokes, aimed ourselves towards the stage at the famed BLUE NOTE, with a chance to share our impression of where the music and the road have taken us, so far. We have always loved playing for Japanese Audiences; it is a privilege and always a Fun and Surreal adventure. And We Were There just as the Cherry blossoms were sighing their surrender across the winds that carried them, ever deeper into the hearts of those who inhale their own Surprise, and even Dare to Dream! Here is RETURN TO ZOOATHALON: LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE, TOKYO.
    Please enjoy, and forgive our human errors! We thank the Blue Note Tokyo for their hospitality.
    Sananda Maitreya: Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards, Songs. Enea Bardi, 'Il Conte', Bass (and kazoo). Nick 'The Sticks' Taccori: Drums, Percussion and Vocals. Music engineered and mixed by Matteo 'Sergente' Sandri. Courtesy of Treehouse Publishing 2013. All rights reserved.

    This music is dedicated to the liberation and not the further fragmentation of the human soul. Art often suffers from the affliction of having bought into the idea that if it doesn't serve industry, it has no place in the community, nor purpose thereof. There is a difference between a community, and a demographic.
    Thank you,
    Sananda Maitreya.

    P.S. And remember; 'If the fish is not on the end of YOUR line, then maybe YOU are the fish!'- 'Sushi Sue' & the Band Cheese.

    Sananda Maitreya & The Nudge Nudge
    Recorded live on March 21st 2013

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  • 2013 Piano City Milano - The Concert of the Blossoms. Play all

    SANANDA MAITREYA at PIANO CITY MILANO - recorded live on saturday May 11th 2013 in Milano - Italy

    The SLOW FOOD movement? I'm still trying to recover from the SLOW PEOPLE movement.
    Plus, the lines at the slow food restaurants take too long! (And don't move fast enough).

    Which brings us to THE CONCERT OF THE BLOSSOMS.

    This PIANO CITY, MILANO event came about after a musician I greatly admire, LUDOVICO EINAUDI, asked me if I wanted a chance to just play piano. It was to be a part of a festival of solo piano taking place at selected areas all over the wonderful city village of Milano Italy. In courtyards, in open villas, in parks and in my case, gardens, pianists of all types and stripes descended upon the town claiming it for 3 days as their own. And leaving their individual stamps, where those impressions could best be felt. And Milano prides itself on being a music culture, with historic undertow to weight its claim. Classical, Jazz, New Age, Avant Garde, Boogie-Woogie; you name it, they came.

    For the first time in my professional memory, I were only required to play 40 minutes or so of instrumentation. No singing, no dancing and no other musicians to blame if I screwed up. And armed only with my brown herringbone flat cap, my trustworthy chords (and a couple of jokes just in case it rained) and accompanied by a long overdue sigh of relief, I sat down at a FAZIOLI grand piano beneath a tree blooming with radiance and played the set that I'd prepared (minus one song, which I managed to overlook 'Has It Been Too Quiet?') to a passel of people nestled amongst the shrubbery, flowers, trees, and pink blossoms coming out of their winter closets, and bursting to the limits of their own celebration. Nature's striptease discourse, one petal slowly clinging to its final touch, before loosening its grip and living its conclusions earthbound, or as a sailing vessel perhaps for ants and the beasts that silently crawl as they cross from the river's edge to the end of their voyage.

    These songs represent over a decade of the YIN aspect of POST MILLENNIUM ROCK'S journey through its own tunnels of exploration, hiding from GRAVITY'S GLITCHES while at least having left a blood trail back home from its Achilles' heel. These are the sounds that the vocabulary of my legacy has left to me. With what pieces we have, we are always striving to put HUMPTY DUMPTY back together, and so restored;

    Hopefully, you will enjoy this little concert in the gardens in our fair city of Milano. Behind me was an ancient small Greek temple on whose steps I have often lingered and prayed. I dedicate the best of my love to you. I also dedicate this CONCERT OF THE BLOSSOMS to the ducks and swans in the pond surrounding us and the flowers that fingered the glistening days of May as we played! And we thank maestro Ludovico Einaudi and Piano City! We would also like to thank Treehouse Publishing.
    Sananda Maitreya.

    P.S. WE also give a shout out of respects to the fish that swam in the ponds and canals, and THIS MESSAGE: YOU ARE MY PEOPLE, and one day I shall return to you! Save me some water!

    ...and HUMPTY-DUMPTY is recovering quite nicely. He is now having the time of his life as the lead in SHAKESPEARE'S great play about a Prince, Danish and coffee, 'OMELETTE'. (Staggering back to his hotel room after a night of heavy carousing: "2B or not 2B. Or wait, was it room 2C"?)
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  • 1995 - VIBRATOR TOUR - Sananda Maitreya Play all

    Concert at Shepherd's Bush Empire - London - July 1995
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