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    I’m a ninja and I’m gonna get ya
    Where the sun don’t hit ya
    And you’ll never see it coming
    Even if you’re on the run there is nobody in this world that can protect ya
    You can’t match my speed
    Nobody’s as fast as me I creep in like a gentle breeze
    Next minute you’re on your knees, what what
    Don’t reach for the stars, my stars reach you
    When I sneeze I say Surprise attack!
    Eat a ninja snack Because a hungry ninja’s gotta eat too
    I work all night but that’s ok Where you sleep is where I play
    Someday I may have to kill you but don’t take it personally if I do.

    OOooOO Why are you running?
    OOooOO You know you can’t hide.
    OOooOO You know I’m coming.
    OOooOO And now you’re mine!


    I’m smooth like butter melting off your pancakes
    I’ve got moves so good that they can’t caught on tape
    and I will never make sound unless it’s what I use to kill That’s right
    and I’m the silent deadly type, I’ll kill you will my smell
    Just make your move and see if you’ve got any ninja skills
    I’ll give you one clean shot but don’t expect any cheap thrills.
    Chances are you’ll hit me once and I’ll kill you on impact.
    because anything you throw at me will bounce and come right back
    I am a natural born killer, my whole life I’ve this way
    I am a living breathing thriller, I’m the predator you’re my prey
    and I am working for the man, just like you but with my fists
    I only do what he has planned, look that’s YOUR name on my list!

    OOooOO Why are you running?
    OOooOO You know you can’t hide.
    OOooOO You know I’m coming.
    OOooOO And now you’re mine!


    You can drive 300 miles until you run out of gas.
    Take one step outside your car and I will kick your ass
    If you need to call for backup then you just what to do
    But careful who you call because your friends are ninjas too
    I’m not the only ninja that has your name on their list
    Think of everywhere you go and everyone you’ve kissed
    The guy that sells you oranges and that girl dressed up like Chell
    and that guy you see at the grocery stores that always ring the bell
    That’s right, you’re living in a world full of ninjas but I’ll give you one little fun fact, FUN FACT!
    Even though we have to kill you, sorry we still love to laugh, HAHA!
    So we won’t kill you now instead we’ll watch you run in fear, IN FEAR!
    while we sit back and laugh at you over a nice tall glass of beer, CHEERS!


    CHORUS x 2

    Hey, aren’t you Mr. Safety? Hahaha *KILL* PRODUCTION CREW: Camera Operators - Cory Williams, Joey Coco, Ryan Danielson, Kevin Zeigler

    “The Ninja Song” was written, performed, filmed, directed and edited by Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams.

    Also featuring DJ Masta Hanksta on the turntable: http://bit.ly/151reqz

    FreddieW - http://bit.ly/10FTXlt Tobuscus - http://bit.ly/151rbv2 KassemG - http://bit.ly/10FTXlu DaneBoe (Annoying Orange) - http://bit.ly/151rbv5 JacksFilms - http://bit.ly/10FTYpp Chestersee - http://bit.ly/151rbLj TayZonday - http://bit.ly/10FTXlv Katers17 - http://bit.ly/151reqD OlgaKay - http://bit.ly/10FTXlw MediocreFilms - http://bit.ly/151reqE JoeNationTV - http://bit.ly/10FTXlx J.D. Witherspoon - http://bit.ly/151reqF BrocksDubs - http://bit.ly/10FTYps Cyr1216 - http://bit.ly/151reqH Kevin Z - http://bit.ly/10FTXly Orf & Grandma Rose - http://bit.ly/151reqI Seth Hendrix - http://bit.ly/10FTYpx DJ Masta Hanksta - http://bit.ly/151rbLs Robert Jennings - http://bit.ly/10FTYpy Doug Jones (actor) - http://bit.ly/151reGY Joey Coco - http://bit.ly/10FTXlA

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