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    ❗ This channel doesn't monetize any video ❗

    Premium promotion is the best way to support Nareku

    1. You get a professional promotion and deal
    2. You are supporting and helping Nareku's work

    A work that started 10 years ago and requires a lot of time, dedication, effort and it's not paid, but it helps to all these music genres to be more popular around the world and also makes increase our big community of subscribers and artists :)


    ↓ ↓ This promotion offers you ↓ ↓


    ✔️ Option 1: Upload your own video: videoclip, event promotional video, release, etc.

    ✔️ Option 2: I create an interesting video:
    1. Picture (your logo/background or I choose one for you)
    2. Animations:
    - Equalizer (linear or round)
    - Bounce (logo or background)
    - Light react


    Start with more views than a little channel. The growth of the views depends on how the audience reacts. Some tracks could get 10-50k or more, but it’s something I can’t control.


    ✔️ Social Media (Facebook, Soundcloud, Channel)
    ✔️ Links to buy your content (track, album, tickets)
    ✔️ Website
    ✔️ Contact mail / Booking info (ideal for event promoters who search for artists)
    ✔️ All your links and info will be shown 1st (on the top)


    Add an introduction, a little description of track/album/event or whatever you want.


    ✔️ If you have a YouTube Channel I will add it to the End Screen. Making easy for people to subscribe to it.
    ✔️ Plus: If I have already some of your videos uploaded on my channel, it will be added too.

    6️⃣️ Your video will be SHARED on my FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM (stories).


    👍 BENEFITS 👍

    Think about I’m offering you to show your content to a big international audience (over 300.000 subscribers on YouTube) with a professional deal. This means it could benefit you getting:

    ✔️ You start with a big audience, so you become more known
    ✔️ More followers in all your social media
    ✔️ Feedback in the comments
    ✔️ People buying your music
    ✔️ Events promoters discovering you to book you on future events (parties)

    ✔️ People buying tickets for your event (more participants, earnings)
    ✔️ People discovering your disco/parties/festival (with aftermovies videos)

    It’s like an advertisement on Facebook, TV, radio, press, etc, but on YouTube and It's better because the video stays forever (will not be deleted or showed only during a short time like on Facebook, TV, etc). So, it will be growing If has a good reaction from people.

    ⭐ You invest in publicity (pay a little price) to get big feedback in different ways: more visibility, earnings, followers, popularity, booking, etc.



    ➤ PREMIUM PROMOTION (Professional)

    ✔️ Animations (more visual quality)
    ✔️ More links (all you want, include buy content)
    ✔️ Youtube Channel on the End Screen to get subscribers.
    ✔️ Very fast reply on mail
    ✔️ Priority to upload before than basic requests.
    ✔️ Your info will be in first place, before my info.
    ✔️ When I have to create your video I will put more effort, trying to choose the best picture and create great animations making the video more interesting.

    ➤ BASIC/FREE PROMOTION (not professional)

    ⚠️ Basic requests only through my FACEBOOK page. Not by mail.

    ❌ Not animations
    ❌ Not buy content
    ❌ Not Channel on End Screen
    ❌ Not priority
    - Only 1 link
    - Your info will be in second place, below my info.
    - Less effort to find the best picture.
    - Slow reply: you have to be patient because I'm not very active on Facebook messages.

    ⚠️ I have a LOT of free requests, so it's impossible to reply to all of them. Also, because I'm not all time reading free requests on Facebook. My time is valuable, like yours.

    ⚠️ It's free, but it's not a deal (mutual support) as Premium P. That's the main difference



    12 € ➤ 🎵 Track / 🎞️ Aftermovie

    30 € ➤ 💿 Promotional albums releases (Album/EP)
    1 Video including all tracks (preview or full) from the same album/EP.
    - Perfect to promote a lot of tracks in only 1 video.
    Ex: https://youtu.be/HyHZYZ7PjKY
    Ex: https://youtu.be/Ys-8Zjz2Fxk

    30 € ➤ 🎚️ Mix (1h or longer).
    - Perfect to promote your performance as a DJ and also to promote a lot of tracks.

    50 € ➤ 🎟️ Promotional events (parties, festivals, etc).
    - Ideal for party/disco promotors to catch audience to buy tickets for your parties.
    Ex: https://youtu.be/eo9cipLDbrQ

    For other content (products, etc), we can talk.

    💲 Payments by PayPal (easy and fast)

    If you are interested send me a mail to:
    ✉️ nar3ku@gmail.com (only for Premium requests) Show less
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