• Not Going Anywhere #NerdKrunk

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    No bouts of pain or hardship can phase me/ call me Joseph, everybody thinks my dreams are crazy/ those closest to me second guess participating/ cuz we don't have any treasure coves to be raiding/ I'm just trying to survive/ firing rounds lyrically like I'm wielding dual pistols/ struggling in my youth/ but to those watching its invigorating bringing life to it like Core vs. Crystal/ so persistent but I'm feeling torn by dismissal/ nobody who supported me was warned of the risk/ trusting in my aspirations now the norm is abysmal/ their blood and their tears now adorning my fistfuls/ of dust,I'm weak/ stay frustrated cuz nobody trusts my dream/ but when they do I get em stuck/ and it's my fault that anybody's mired in this rut/ so even when I'm broken crawling know that I'm not given up/ everybody sees my future and my present/ at the same time but now is not what they expected/ looking for a strong leader but you get a struggling youth/ scrambling bleeding and confused regarding what to do/ everyday I die but my mind is resurrected/ but no Revelation or dark angels I'm projecting/ there's uncertainty wherever my feet go/ get a weak human when you expected a hero/

    HOOK: Nobody can really prepare you for the struggle/ the strain and the trouble/ that'll hit you when you go and try to listen to your heart/ follow crazy dreams that you see/ when you sleep/ and that burn in you like eternal flames in the dark/ all I wanna do is try to go and make a mark/ and if I didn't fail I wouldn't know what doesn't work/ so I push forward even tho it hurts
    Im not going anywhere/ (but up but up)/ so I'll just take my time here/this pain is the process I'm needing to grow/ moving forward so my progress can show

    2: This was supposed to be a test of my Endurance/ success was my insurance/ but that was split in two/ and failures debilitating if your psyche isn't used/ to loss/ when responsibility already shifts to.you/ and those who came along they believed in you too/ some of em want the glory for themselves call em Von Croy/ but this journey could be my reputations envoy/ first attempt crashed and burned I feel wrecked beyond joy/ I respond coy/ refuse cry tho/ life lessons remain interactive like Eidos/ my concern isn't paper stacking to the sky so/ I wanna make my mark and impact this world that I know/ survival/ is critical/ but excellence is needed/ I'm hardened cuz I have to kill these beats/ It sucks but experience is how life wants to teach/ and I'm game I'll don it like Horas armor I've got goals I'm tryin to reach Show less
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