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  • DEMAND Documentary by Shared Hope International Play all

    Excellent documentary on sex trafficking demand by sharedhope.org
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  • Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International Videos Play all

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  • Apne Aap Women Worldwide - Anti-Sex Trafficking Org Play all

    www.apneaap.org ~~~~~ "Apne Aap prevents sex trafficking by building the capacity of girls, women and children in slums and red-light areas to organize in small groups that seek and get access to education, livelihood and legal protection.
    It works in Bihar, Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal.
    It has put 854 children from red-light areas in school.
    It has established 59 small business cooperatives of women survivors of prostitution.
    It has trained 2,000 police officers on victim-friendly investigation in human trafficking cases.
    It is campaigning for a change in the Indian anti-trafficking law for the severe punishment of traffickers and buyers and budget allocations for dignified life sustaining alternatives for victims and survivors.
    It sits on the Steering Committee for women and children of the Planning Commission of India and is researching the connection between caste discrimination and prostitution for the National Commission for Women.
    Apne Aap means self help in Hindi."
    Profile of Founder Ruchira Gupta
    "Ruchira Gupta, Founder President of Apne Aap Women Worldwide has worked for 25 years for womens and girls rights, especially the ending of their sex trafficking. She founded Apne Aap in 2002 - a grassroots organization working on the issue of human trafficking and womens rights. Today Apne Aap impacts the lives and livelihoods of thousands of women and children.

    Ruchira has received numerous global and national awards and recognition, which highlight her consistent contribution in the field. Her list of honours include an Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism for her documentary, 'The Selling of Innocents, on the trafficking of women and children from the villages of Nepal to the brothels of Bombay and the Abolitionist Award at the UK House of Lords in 2007. She has also been honored at the White House for her work to combat trafficking.

    Her testimony to the United States Senate had a direct role in the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, 2000. She is a member of various governmental and multi-lateral organizations. She sits on the Steering Committee for the Planning Commission of the Government of India for the 11th Five-year Plan for Women and Children and was a member of the Working group on Child Protection of the Ministry of Women and Children. She is on the advisory board of Asia Society, New York, Vital Voices, Washington DC, Ricky Martin Foundation and the Coalition against Trafficking in Women, Asia-Pacific. She has worked in the United Nations in various capacities for over ten years in Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Kosovo, USA, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Iran to develop National Action Plans on womens empowerment and laws against human trafficking."
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  • Legal Prostitution Fuels Trafficking DEMAND & Harms Everyone Play all

    LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION INCREASES TRAFFICKING ~~~ "The red light district is the image most people have of the legal prostitution system in the Netherlands; however, in reality, these areas represent a mere fraction of the commercial sex markets as larger illegal sex markets have developed in the shadows of this legalized structure. ... The perception of the commercial sex markets as safe, legal and regulated in the Netherlands has created an expectation by the buyers that purchasing sex is merely part of the tour. This creates heightened demand and thereby a need for a constant supply of women and children to be the human product in this market. Thus, the secondary market of commercial sexual services using trafficked women and children thrives in the background of the legalized system. ... Despite intentions to protect women in the commercial sex market, the legalization of prostitution in the Netherlands has not accomplished these goals. Gangs, drugs, organized crime and sex trafficking still exist. The commercial sex market cannot be contained within legal boundaries; it is a strong and resilient market system responding to consumer demand encouraged through strategic marketing of the red light districts. ... Regarding the culture of tolerance which the Dutch have boastfully prized, since the legalization in 2000, the social pendulum has begun to swing back with an apparent increased public will to change a system that has normalized the sexual exploitation of women and children. Councils in three major cities in the Netherlands shut down their tippelzones between 2005 and 2006: Den Haag, Arnhem and Rotterdam. Amsterdam recently announced its intention to close 100 out of 350 windows in its Red Light District. Local police in Deventer and Zwolle, regions located northeast of Amsterdam, have established specialized prostitution task forces to combat human trafficking. However the creation of such task forces is limited to only a few out of nearly 500 municipalities. The National Rapporteur of Trafficking in Human Beings has called for more policing of illegal sex venues" ~ DEMAND: An Examination of Sex Tourism & Trafficking in Jamaica, Japan, the Netherlands & the United States, Shared Hope
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  • Pornography Fuels Sex Trafficking DEMAND & Uses Trfg Victims Play all

    GLORIA STEINEM: "Pornography is a marketing device for sex trafficking: It normalizes degradation & violence as acceptable & even inevitable parts of sex, & uses the bodies of real women & children as objects. The difference between pornography & erotica is clear in the roots of the words themselves -- porne means females slaves, eros means love -- so pornography, like rape, is about violence and domination, not sex. Millions of lives depend on our ability to separate pornography from erotica, and to disentangle violence from sexuality." ~~~ Gloria Steinem, 2006 ~~~~~~~ PORNOGRAPHY DRIVES DEMAND FOR INTERNATIONAL SEX TRAFFICKING OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN: ~~~ "The quantity of and access to pornography has grown exponentially since the 1980's alongside the growth of the video cassette/DVD and then the Internet industries, while the content has become increasingly violent, degrading, and harmful to participants and viewers. Moreover, sex trafficking, which is closely related to pornography, is now widely acknowledged as a significant international problem. One cannot understand the dynamics of demand without careful attention to both prostitution and pornography. Activists must confront pornography and prostitution in any effort to attack sex trafficking." ~~~~ David Guinn (DePaul), from the introduction to the 2007 book "Pornography: Driving the Demand in International Sex Trafficking," Buy it at Amazon.com or at Xlibris.com. ~~ Link to full Introduction is in this channel's description area. ~~~~~ TRAFFICKING VICTIMS ARE USED FOR PORNOGRAPHY: ~~~ "Production of pornography and Internet sex shows are markets which often rely on trafficked victims. Some pornography is produced for private consumption or it is traded among trusted offenders, but a large amount of adult and child pornography is produced for commercial distribution. The value of it depends on if it is illegal and the extremeness of the abuse to the victim. The pornography markets for victims of trafficking have not received the attention that prostitution has. Yet, approximately one third of the victims of prostitution at Breaking Free in St. Paul Minnesota have been used in the production of pornography. In some parts of the world, centers of trafficking are also centers for the production of pornography. An example is St. Petersburg, where representatives from NGOs report that they have heard of many cases of women being forced to make pornography." ~~~ Donna M. Hughes, The Demand for Victims of Sex Trafficking ~~~~ THE INTERNET & PORNOGRAPHY MARKET SEX TRAFFICKING: ~~ "The Internet is one of the major marketing tools in the marketplace of commercial sexual exploitation & a potential gateway for viewers to become buyers in the sex markets. As one researcher states: "When men use pornography, in that process they are trained as tricks. Pornography is men's rehearsal for prostitution." Moreover, the anonymity that the Internet provides for website users & website owners makes it an excellent facilitator of an illicit market. 117 men aged 15-80 indicated that websites were the predominant influence leading them to view pornography in an initial survey conducted. (The Defenders USA) Other influences included pop-up ads, etc., electronic influences present in nearly every home in developed countries. The survey indicates that respondents first viewed pornography at approximately 12 years of age. Early viewing of pornography may serve as an incubator of future buyers of commercial sex services." ~~~ Shared Hope International
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  • ECPAT USA - End Child Prostitution & Trafficking Play all

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  • ECPAT Int. on Trafficking of Children & Sex Tourism Harms Play all

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