• The unlawful owners of our national banks & their shiksa -politicians, -judges, -health, -education, -media etc are the people's worst enemies! Play all

    The unlawful Zionist-Jewish owners of our national banks & their shiksa -governments, -judges, -health, -education, -media etc are the people's worst enemies! Governments are the very worst criminal organisations, committing more and worse crimes than any other criminal organisation yet remain unpunished for crimes by the government are not reckognised nor acknowledged as crimes, but covered up by all kinds of false justifications. 'Normal criminals' can be prosecuted and punished by the legal system of a nation. But who prosecutes and punishes the people who committed/ committ crimes abusing their authority as government officials, even committed in the name of 'justice' or other false cover?

    Even criminal farmaceutical companies demand and are granted immunity for prosecution of consequences of their operations, medications, viruses they develop, and vaccinations that make people sick with the very disease they are supposed to prevent, worse are mixed in with vaccinations, like the AIDS-virus being injected into milions of Africans that president Bush gave free vaccinations (because the AIDS-virus was developped on the order of US-Congress and alotted 1 million US-Dollars to develop it in an American laobaratory. One purpose: To kill millions of Africans to get control over rare minerals in Africa for the US-weapons industry... and no one cries out to prosecute the criminals of the very worst terrorist organisation around next to Israel: the USA!), harm and kill many people, to attain their goal of reducing the world population to a maximum of 500 million people, which is the first of the ten commandments of the NWO - New World Order - as chiseled in Georgian granite in the Georgia Guide Stones - do a google search for this. Cancer being a hughely profitable industry at the expense of millions of innocent victims, is one of the viruses injected together with the polio-vaccine - watch the video's in this playlist. As many as you can stomach. Read also the book "Death by Government" - R. J. (Rudolph J.) Rummel. Google for it as well as DEMOCIDE! It is absolutely shocking how it is possible that we, the people, allow governments to committ such crimes - both in scope, size & nature and let us pay for it through our taxes; worse let us give our sons to do the dirty work." As Lenin said: "We - the State - will hang you, and you will bring / pay for your own rope!"

    One interesting article that shows how governments can committ the crimes by people 'just doing their job,' should be enough to make us shocking aware of a system - instituted & empowered by the authority given by God to control evil to secure peace and safety and freedom for the people to prosper - that has totally turned around to become the very worst enemy of the people it is intended by God to serve! Read: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_careerists_20120723/
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  • Islamic & Jewish FIFTH COLUMNS have almost destroyed us!! Play all

    Islamic & Jewish FIFTH COLUMNS destroy our values, cultures, freedoms, even our lives!

    The world has been brainwashed by the Jewish owned media (they own 95 % of all media) and the Jewish owned entertainments industry, etc etc. to believe their fables, apostle Paul warns the church for in Titus 1: 10- 16 & 1 Thessalonians 2: 14 - 16 as did Jesus Christ Himself in John 8: 32-59 & Revelation 2: 9 to name a few.

    The church has been brainwashed on top by false doctrines taught by the Zionist Jewish lawyer Samuel Untermeyer's sponsored Scofield Bible commentary, that made the church believe that the Jews are the 'chosen of God' which they are NOT! For how can the 'chosen of God' hate His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and murder him as well as His children, born again Christians, their Talmud (Judaïsm is based on the Talmud that Jesus Christ rebuked the religious leaders for, for "making the Word of God of none effect.") speaks evil of, and commands to be killed (making the Talmud the very worst hate literature on earth!) who really are the - spiritual - seed of Abarham and therefore heirs of the promises of God. Most present-day Jews who reject the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and are therefore anti-christ, are not even physical descendents of Abraham in the flesh. Theirs are NOT the promises of Abraham. Even those who can trace their ancestry back to Abraham, have been cut - off from the cultivated olive tree (apostle Paul explains in Romans) because of their unbelief in the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah. They are NOT heirs to the promised land, nor of any promise God made to Abraham. GOD MADE A NEW COVENANT that has been sealed by the very own Blood of the Son of God, the perfect lamb of God, that makes the Old Covenant obsolete! (Hebrews 8: 13 says: " In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.")

    For good articles that teach the truth that can make us free from the Jewish fables, the false doctriens and their lies, check: http://www.israelect.com/reference/JackMohr/ For more: google "Benjamin Freedman" and "brother Nathanael Kapner" who are both Jewish born converts to Christ. Check also their video's here in youtube.

    Treason by Western politicians who prostitute themselves with muslims & Jews - who are both antichrist as both deny that God has a Son, Jesus Christ (1 John 2:22,23), are allowed to form a FIFTH COLUMN within our nations, even as members of Parliament and Government as members of treacherous political parties, while they should NEVER have been allowed to participate in the political process, let alone in the government, for their heart does not belong to the Netherlands, nor do they ascribe, let alone defend our culture & values, unless and until they have repented and turned to Jesus Christ and are born again of God, and filled with His Holy Spirit, Who alone can change people from the inside out, having denied Mohammed, Islam, Koran, Allah, Isah as false, and show in their walk that they obey Christ and do His works, and want to serve this nation, rather than the nation their forefathers or they came from!

    This treason by Western politicians that allows islamic & Jewish FIFTH COLUMNS to undermine our land should stop and those guilty of it should get the penalty for treason in wartime! For we are at war!

    Also this treason by our politicians to make our populations slaves of Jewish bankers, and made sick by medications and vaccins of Jewish owned pharmaceutical firms, and are fed genetically modified food from Jewish led Monsanto, and are manipulated and brainwashed by the Jewish dominated media and entertainment industry etc. etc. MUST STOP!
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  • Climate change is natural. Global Warming is a Marxist lie Play all

    Climate change is natural - Global warming by manmade CO2 is a Marxist lie by reds dressed green to enslave mankind! Surely such believers in lies against all facts are a sect, an ECO- sect. This should not be a problem if they would not have media- and political power. Now they are a pest, a malignant terminal cancer, a crimal organisation against humanity! Unless truth & true justice (not the show circusclowns dressed in black dresses, called judges perform to maintain just the semblance of justice to fool the public!) prevail and humanity prosecutes the perpetrators of this anti-human conspiracy and purges society from them, we are doomed to be enslaved even more than we are now.

    More CO2 is a natural solution for the growing world population. More CO2 is GOOD! For CO2 is food for plants! More CO2 helps to grow more food!

    The world is NOT overpopulated. That is another lie by the Club of Rome and the Elites, the NWO, the Bilderberg group etc.! So they - as the very worst enemies of mankind - do everything to reduce CO2...to help murder more people. That is why they now also play with food in their money - games. To rob food from the poor, so they will die!

    Obviously the Green agenda is a tool to control, limit, dictate, rob, even kill people - in short, to establish the old Sovyet - communist totalitarian worldwide dictatorship dressed in green.

    It is a religious war between bought of corrupted pseudo - scientitist - hirelings & true scientists! It shows how much power a lie has if the media & political powers embrace it as truth. For obvious reasons: Politicians always seek ways to have more control and taxes! But lies need continuous feeding by controled propaganda & forcefull control by potical powers or they are exposed and rejected!

    Lies fear the truth, so propagaters of lies flee from every honest discussion with the truth. Darkness flees when the light is turned on!
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