• Diabolic - IneKwelity (Talib Kweli Diss)

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    Diabolic fires back at that fuccboi Talib Kweli

    Itunes: http://bit.ly/IneKwelity

    [Intro: Talking]
    Yo I thought they gave you fair warning, bitch
    You should’ve listened
    You know you done fucked up, right
    Diabolic, ha ha ha

    [Chorus: Diabolic]
    One, two, three
    Rest in peace Talib Kweli
    Crying like make it stop
    That shit isn’t hiphop, you ho

    [Verse: Diabolic]
    I did some research read your piece it needs work
    Ain't medium dot com the place you buy your tee shirts
    I had a knee jerk reaction while you cry and tremble
    Petrified not only do you generalize you lie in general

    Doubting my potential cause my skin is white
    Shit if writing's your super power making sense is kryptonite
    But don't doubt the fact I'll show up at your crib tonight
    And hit you with a right for each thing you wrote I didn't like

    Online picking fights 'til Pen and Tech addressed it
    Not for me they stepped in so this bitch wouldn't get his head split
    Then you said if I was sorry you'd apologize
    Followed by a convo 'bout the boys Bambatta sodomized

    Do not deny the truth ho you asked for evidence
    And that's the precedent you set when Tech was at your residence
    Now I'm addressing it to fill the part that's missing
    And the parts you skipped in all that Kickstarter shit you started kicking

    Disregard the fiction I'm not the only artist living
    To fuck a few orders up doesn't mean they aren't shipping
    I've given back to this culture and it's clear
    The only vultures that appeared circle over your career

    Yeah you popped off once stock dropped off jump
    So severe your whole career's become a sophomore slump
    Chump I walk through crowded sidewalks in Bedstuy
    Bump shoulders and knock this punk over just to get by

    Then I meet Swave Sevah at the back bar
    At a Black Star show wondering where the fuck the blacks are
    So how you go on Twitter with the nerve to act hard
    Your crowd's the same as one at Talladega watching NASCAR

    You wack par as far as rhyming to beats
    You’re too busy finding Kelis to hide behind when there's beef
    You’re too busy with the scene telling lies in your tweets
    If you were real Mr Green you'd do it live in the streets

    While I’d make sure the prophecy still holds true
    Stop fronting ain't dropped something quality since '02
    That's probably why you feel so obsolete and old school
    In boat shoes fresh off your shopping spree at Whole Foods

    You're like so cool in your French heels and neckerchiefs
    'Til I fire cannons out of left field like Cespedes
    When your homie Niko's left feeling pressed a bit
    In LA you do nothing [?] protects the kid

    That's my regiment so if I were trying to silence you
    I would now shut the fuck up here's what I would do if were you
    I'd find a crew like mine to squeeze a round at tyrants who
    Really hold your people down not tweet at clowns to ride for you

    But that's too live for you that's why my record player's
    Playing Respiration while every breath you're taking's through a respirator
    Shedding rays of light like neon gas
    Don't need Vinia singing to put Kweli on blast

    Just throw a beat on won't see Sean you're beyond trash
    Dream on I'll air a smith at your pee on ass
    Like it's my theme song Steven's got them screams on smash
    Your CD's for rolling weed on my Nissan dash

    Now be gone fast quick before the topic's trending
    Hashtag the revolution's not a Twitter war so stop pretending
    Admit it you're just immature and condescending
    Cause we've seen the shit before throwing fits when your with Donald Lemon

    A common ending to any topic of discussion
    You're involved with Obnoxious you gossip it's disgusting
    Everybody's a nobody ’til proper introductions
    Guess what nobody's bodying your knowledge and instruction

    Honestly it's nothing but hang tough don't forfeit
    Who am I kidding I just wanna bring up some more shit
    You say stuff like you should thank us for all this
    Fine thank you Kweli for bankrupting Rawkus

    Thanks for generalizing when it generally serves you
    Exhibit A I didn't know Remedy Urkel
    You nerds will twist words and deflect in these circles
    Scared to look in the mirror cause that reflection's eternal

    Step in the lab with that aggression and spaz
    I'll shit on you and wipe with the confederate flag
    Go to Twitter for support the only weapon you have
    But I don't care about those kids like Mos Def as a dad

    Toe tagged if we battle you'll be dwelling on race
    I'll smoke a blunt to the head you'll take an L to your face
    Cause to me melanin's your least relevant trait
    Before that there's petty pussy fragile selfish and fake

    But wait you're revolutionary right those are just rhymes
    Cause real revolutionaries fight on the Frontlines
    So when it comes time for you to die true indeed
    This tune will be played on boomboxes at your eulogy

    [Chorus: Diabolic]
    One, two, three
    Rest in peace Talib Kweli
    Crying like make it stop
    That shit isn’t hiphop, you ho Show less
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