• Detroit Skinny - "APEX LEGENDS" (Official Music Video)

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    Apex Legends song and music video performed by Detroit Skinny, featuring Bloodhound, Wraith, and Caustic.

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    Yo man lotta people talking bout Fortnite but
    You know I’m on that Apex
    About to turn up with this game
    You bout to get shot boy

    Apex Apex 
    Paychecks Paychecks 
    Apex Apex 
    Paychecks Paychecks 

    We Legends in seconds
    My Weapons, no questions
    We Legends in seconds
    My Weapons, no questions

    Bam bam bam bamboozled
    Pop ya in ya noodle

    Fortnite is dying
    Season 4000 you trying

    Flossing Dance is Done
    Take this L cause you my son

    Dropping into Market
    Your squad is my target

    Ping me for the ammo
    Hiding in the shadows
    Now the ring closing
    Jumpmaster I’m hosing

    Got ya in the Hot zone
    Pop ya with the iPhone

    Lifeline taking med kits
    Bloodhound tracking stay lit

    Got it going crazy on a zipline
    Knockdown shield that’s all mine

    Get ya ass back in that ring
    Double tap on a Bangalore ping

    From the Marketplace to the Skulltown
    Champion gimme that gold crown

    Walking like a dog when I bleed out
    Knocking down a path with a robot scout

    I’m the new kill leader
    Biplane 2 seater
    That Wraith gonna beat her
    Got that Peacekeeper 

    Got me playing all Night
    Joysticks so tight
    Kill count all right
    Respawn take flight

    Tell me where your squad is at now?
    Got a number 1 yea bitch its going down

    Apex Apex 
    Paychecks Paychecks 
    Apex Apex 
    Paychecks Paychecks 

    We Legends in seconds
    My Weapons, no questions
    We Legends in seconds
    My Weapons, no questions

    I thought I told you
    I’m the champion of this Apex shit man
    You know, we out here, and your squad still waiting in the lobby

    Song Produced by: A-Dee
    Engineering, Mix, and Recording by: Jaime Velez at Blackwood Studios, Los Angeles
    Mastering by Chris Gehringer for Sterling Sound, NYC
    Lyrics by: David Lehre (Detroit Skinny)

    Cast and Crew:
    Directed by David Lehre (Detroit Skinny)
    Produced by Vendetta Studios

    Producers: Dr. Garrett E.B. Thompson, Hallory Sindelar, Carlos Ray
    Director of Photography: Pierce Cook & Bliss Garcia
    1st Asst. Director: Karbis Sarafyan
    Flossing & Creative Director: AJ Outloud
    Lighting Design: Will Chandler and Envizion Studios
    Production Manager: Cesar Manza
    Hair / Makeup: Yukina Mitsuhashi & Jessica Chu
    Photography: Leo Trajano
    Asst. Producer: Monica Beck
    Editing and VFX: David Lehre
    Motion Graphics: Jared Barel
    Behind the Scenes: Justin Simpson
    Costume Design by: Marion Dreo, Lord Alex & Sam Skyler

    Choreography by Kristin Farina
    Wraith: Kristin Farina
    Caustic: Jake Brandorff
    Bloodhound: Joe Friedman

    Special Thanks: Colby Cote, Chris Polk Reed, Claire Staples, Skydog Ranch, Darren Pym, Team 10, Jake Paul, Travis & The Talbott family, & Dr. Gabe

    *Disclaimer: This music video and song is in no way related to Apex Legends, Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment and their associated brands. This is 100% fan made and funded. No persons from the actual game were involved in the making of this project, and none of the content represents their viewpoints or approval. Basically, we’re just fans having fun and celebrating the game, so please don’t sue us. We don’t like being sued.

    About Apex Legends:
    Apex Legends is a free to play Esports battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The gameplay of Apex Legends fuses elements of a variety of video games, including Titanfall, battle-royals games, class-based shooters, and those with evolving narratives like Fortnite. In each round, 60 players in squads of three will skydive on to an island, with one player controlling where their squad lands. The teams must then scavenge for weapons and equipment in order to fight other players, during which time the play area is gradually constricted in size (Similar to PubG) until only one squad remains and therefore wins the match.

    To celebrate the release of season 3 Meltdown, we created this song and music video to be an official theme song for the Apex Legends community.

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