• Are You Waking Up? Welcome to the Badass Tribe.

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    Awakening is when you finally realize that YOU are creating everything in your reality. If you're awakening right now, you're early. Join Kimberly as she discusses the coolness and challenges that await you as you consciously create your life.

    You may experience some awakening symptoms, such as seeing repeating numbers (it usually starts with 11:11), synchronicity and other things that are impossible to explain in regular scientific terms.

    There will be people who label you as crazy! There will be those who will tell you what reality should be, and if you don't subscribe to it, then something is wrong with you.

    Yet you are early to the game, for Earth will be awakening in stages. As people tire of the rat race that is modern life, they will begin to question the meaning of life, and if there is something more. By then, you'll be ready to gently guide them inward, to help them remember that they are creating their reality too.

    Here's how you can get quick answers:
    ➡ Comment on our website or contact us directly: https://areyouawakening.com/
    ➡ Ask us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/areyoua... 👇

    Having awakened, you'll have to go through a whole lot of changes in your body, your mind, and soul. But no need to feel like you must do it alone. ▷▷ Our team is always here to help make your awakening process enjoyable, badass style--with laughter, edginess and appreciation for the crazy journey.

    More information on Trigger Messages, since people are starting to ask:

    These are channeled messages, and are delivered with very descriptive instructions on how to create them, using a variety of media. They are intended as "creative communication" in order to unlock dormant codes within us.

    Not all messages may resonate with you, based on your soul plan and its chosen experiences with different realities. Consciousness expands when one goes within and ponders life, rather than looking for answers outside of oneself.

    These messages deliver encrypted energy in the form of questions, that invite you to search within yourself for the answers to some of life's big mysteries.

    This is my life purpose, and it allows me to utilize all of my creative abilities for the service of others. Show less
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