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    • The Soros Foundations hack/leak - Duration: 2 minutes, 31 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Documents related to the 2014 EU elections held all over Europe.
      George Soros, a know globalist has been funding political projects all over the world for a long time. He's not alone and there are ...
    • The 'square mile' a haven for organized crime - Duration: 1 hour, 53 minutes.

      • 9 months ago
      Rowan Bosworth Davies tries to explain why he believes the British banks display all the characteristics of an organised crime syndicate. This is his story..

      Rowan have a story to tell the rest of...
    • US + Saudi Oil and that thing called Wahhabism - Duration: 3 minutes, 56 seconds.

      • 11 months ago
      Adam Curtis describes the deal struck
      between the US and Saudi in 1945.

      Excerpt from the documentary Bitter lake.
      Produced 2015 by Adam Curtis and the BBC.
    • Official Secrets - Nickolas Fraser - Duration: 49 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      Believed to be a BBC program, about the emergence of the official secrets act . It discusses censorship in England and government control of certain media like the the Gazette and the BBC. From WWI...
    • Ray McGovern on the Corruption of U.S Intelligence (Re-Upload) - Duration: 51 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      Volume 3 of 5 in the 'speaking freely' series. (53 minutes)

      Music-parts have been removed due to claims. Approx 3 min at the end and start were cut out.

      Having served as a CIA analyst for 27 year...
    • Eyewar - Cybernetics and Project Cybersyn - Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      A history of real-time information technlology, war, politics, commerce and the rise of the idea of organisational cybernetics.

      Project Cybersyn was a Chilean project from 1971--1973 (during the g...
    • Encirclement - Neoliberalism Ensnares Democracy - Duration: 2 hours, 40 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      ( chapter links below in info! )

      Neo-liberalism's one-size-fits-all dogmas are well known: deregulation, reducing the role of the State, privatization, limiting inflation rather than unemployment,...
    • The Money Fix - A Documentary for Monetary Reform - Duration: 1 hour, 19 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      Money is just information, a way we measure what we trade, nothing of value in itself. And we can make it ourselves, to work as a complement to conventional money. It's just a matter of design.

      • CC
    • The 'Class War' Speech by Prof. Noam Chomsky - Duration: 52 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      Even though this was recorded over a decade ago, there is nothing in it that is dated. If anything, it quite accurately predicts the present.

      This speech was recorded live at MIT back in 1996. The...
    • Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer hands secrets to WikiLeaks - Duration: 91 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
      Excerpt taken from http://www.democracynow.org ( 2011-01-18 )

      Rudolf Elmer, 55, headed the office of Julius Baer in the Cayman Islands until he was fired by the bank in 2002. He is scheduled to ...
    • Hugo Chavez on the Path to Socialism - Duration: 52 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      Volume 5 of 5 in the 'speaking freely' series. (52 minutes)

      Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks to members of the international press corps about the advantages of socialism over capitalism ...
    • Chalmers Johnson on American Hegemony - Duration: 52 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      Volume 4 of 5 in the 'speaking freely' series. (52 minutes)

      Chalmers argues that the age of the "American Empire" is nearing its end.

      Author of Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire, and Nemesis: The L...
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    The most important lesson you'll ever learn!
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