2. KIPSIRO 3

  3. KIPSIRO 4

  4. Global Handwashing Day celebrations in rural Uganda highlight benefits of handwashing with soap

  5. Mobile classrooms bring education closer to the children in Karamoja

  6. Infant and young child nutrition in rural Uganda

  7. Orphans and streetchildren from Karamoja resettled by UNICEF

  8. Prevention of Mother to Child Transimission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) programme in rural Uganda

  9. WASH in Uganda's schools - Call to action

  10. Dep United Nations Sec General visit to Uganda.mov

  11. U-Report Early Marriage & Violence against children Tv2.mp4

  12. Reaching the vulnerable Ik community of Uganda's Karamoja Region

  13. Dr. Sharad Sapra on Innovation in Uganda.mp4

  14. Launch of the ECD Communications pack .mov

  15. Daniel: Wheelchair user and basketball player

  16. Denis: Blind and moving together with the world

  17. Children with Disabilities in Uganda.mp4

  18. UNICEF HIV Awareness Public Service Announcement

  19. UNICEF Innovation Music Video

  20. Monitoring and Results for Equity System (MoRES) - Uganda

  21. U-report Promo Video

  22. National Day of Prayer and Action for Children 2012

  23. UNICEF Water and Sanitation Public Service Announcement

  24. U-Report: voice matters promotional video

  25. UN Delivering as One in Uganda

  26. United Nations Day Commemoration in Uganda - 2012

  27. U-report Music Video

  28. Zero Violence in Schools Public Service Announcement

  29. UNICEF Supports Water and Sanitation Improvements in Karenga, Karamjoa region.mp4

  30. In Karamoja, A Girl Chooses Education Over Forced Early Marriage.mp4

  31. Family Health Days: keeping families alive and safe

  32. U-report training video

  33. Delivering As One : United Nations in Rwamwanja refugee camp

  34. Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification (RapidFTR) Innovation

  35. U-report mentioned at the TED conference

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  38. Immunisation Song

  39. Uganda launches vaccine against pneumococcal disease

  40. Immunisation song (Luganda version - Okugema)

  41. Disability is not inability

  42. Breastfeeding: A healthy start for every child's life

  43. Judith Ineku - The young real estate guru

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  45. It's About Ability

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  49. Gender Based Violence: Margaret's Story

  50. Gender Based Violence: Defilement

  51. Gender Based Violence: Domestic Violence

  52. Gender Based Violence: Early Marriage

  53. National Day of Prayer for Children 2013: Make the Invisible Visible

  54. "A Promise Renewed (APR)" song: Committing to Child Survival

  55. "A Promise Renewed (APR)" campaign launch in Uganda

  56. United Nations Delivering as One in Karamoja

  57. ECHO: Bringing safe water to South Sudan refugees in Uganda

  58. Child Poverty and Deprivation Report: Voices of Children

  59. Launch of Uganda's "Child Poverty and Deprivation" report

  60. MobiStation -- An innovation supporting education in & out of schools in Uganda

  61. "I call it a Wonder Machine" -- MobiStation