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Zennie62 YouTube Channel: We Vlog Pop-Culture!

3,366 views 8 months ago
Zennie62 YouTube Channel Commercial http://www.zennie62blog.com...

Zennie62 on YouTube finally has its own commercial! It's designed to show case just some of the many celebrities and politicians that this channel on YouTube has interviewed over the years. As of this writing, Zennie62 has amassed 52 million video views and has uploaded over 3,000 videos.

The contest is that if you can name all of the celebrities, you will win a prize. Show less
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Megan Avalon Video Playlist Play

Megan Avalon Video Playlist
Megan Avalon Video Playlist | Megan Avalon Videos On Zennie62
Megan Avalon is a famous female bodybuilder who was discovered and first promoted by Zennie Abraham of Zennie62.com. Based in Northern California, Megan first entered female bodybuilding contests, but was so sought after for fitness model photo work, she turned her schedule toward that, as well as continuing her personal training work. Megan Avalon calls herself "Barbie With Muscles." Copy this URL and paste it: http://www.zennie62blog.com/2010/05/11/megan-avalon-pamela-s­ue-anderson-and-female-bodybuilder-in-one/
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